Radha Mishra and students

College Counseling

It gets personal.

What we mean is this: our college counselors spend quality time with our students so they can understand where they’ll thrive best.  The College Counseling Program at The Hun School of Princeton is designed to discover and ultimately achieve the best college placement for each student. 
It begins with a college counseling team second-to-none. Our college counseling professionals are experts in their field who leverage their considerable experience and relationships to enhance their work with Hun School families. 
The Hun School College Counseling team hosts dozens of education programs for students and parents throughout the year, such as panel discussions with top college admission professionals and case study programs where students and parents get to examine real-life admission scenarios.  They are adept and wholly dedicated to getting to know their advisees early and helping them build a menu of great opportunities. So that ultimately, they can identify and meet their collegiate goals.
In today's hyper-competitive college market, no one can predict where a student will go. What we can predict is this ... Hun students receive the very best college counseling and faculty mentorship available ensuring the best possible opportunities for each. 

"It's not simply whether a student is a good fit for a certain college. It's also about whether that college is a good fit for the student."

radha mishra, Director of college counseling

In partnership with students and parents, knowledgeable college counselors work hard to discover an appropriate future course of action for each student. Beyond our rigorous academics which prepare students for college, informational college counseling programs begin in the student's high school years. As early as sophomore year, students are encouraged to attend these programs and counselors are assigned in the fall of the students' junior year.

 Hun School counselors work very hard to maintain and communicate knowledge of best practices, trends, and emerging opportunities in the world of college admission. They work continuously with college admissions representatives, The Hun School Curriculum Committee, students, and parents. In addition, The Hun School is fortunate to have more than 100 college and university representatives visit each year. Students are invited to meet with representatives, introduce themselves, and ask questions. 

our process works


Members of the Class of 2019 who were accepted Early Action or Early Decision to a top choice school.

90% - 98%

Of our seniors are admitted to one of their top three schools in a given year.


Colleges and universities offer acceptances to our students each year.

2019 College Matriculation

The Class of 2019 will matriculate at 91 different colleges and universities. Some of the schools welcoming the most number of graduates are: Babson, Brown, Colgate, Columbia, Cornell, Drexel, Georgetown, Howard University, Johns Hopkins, Northeastern, Penn State, Stevens, University of Chicago, and Notre Dame. 

Meet The Team

The College Counseling Office has an open door policy, and we invite students and parents to contact us with any questions.