American Culture and Language Institute

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Three decades of ESL Excellence

The American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI) balances academic classroom work with cultural enrichment, offering students an ideal environment in which to improve their language skills while learning more about American customs and society.

Who should enroll?

The ideal candidates for the ACLI include:

  1. Beginner, novice, and fluent English speakers. Our program is designed to cater to each level of English competency and sets the foundation for continued growth.
  2. International students interested in making the transition from schools in their home country to college preparatory schools in America.
  3. International students interested in interim study in America before returning to academic pursuits in their home country.
  4. American students who wish to continue their ESL studies after the school year has ended.

Applications for the program can be submitted as early as Jan. 1st. Applicants are processed and enrolled on a rolling basis until the program is full. You can read more information about our admissions process.

Language Immersion and American Culture

Alongside American students, ESL students combine language immersion with an experience in American culture. ACLI students study English in the classroom for five hours Monday through Friday. Program instructors, who are ESL specialists, incorporate skill-building exercises into their daily lesson plans. Students will expand their vocabulary, raise their level of reading comprehension, and improve their written compositions. Reading and writing assignments introduce students to American literature and themes in United States history. All students keep a journal of their experiences and progress within the program. 

Advanced ACLI

Advanced students are given some preparation for the Test of English as a Foreign Language Examination (TOEFL) and may take a course in the Hun Summer Session. Available courses include:

  • SAT and ACT Math/Science Prep 
  • SSAT Prep and Study Skills 
  • Geometry Fundamentals: Analytical (II)
  • Chemistry Fundamentals: Forensics (II)
  • Physics Fundamentals: Circuits (II) 
  • Middle School Creative Writing (I/II)
  • Middle School Pre-Algebra (I/II)
  • SAT and ACT Verbal Prep 
  • Middle School Pre-Algebra (I/II)
  • Algebra I Fundamentals: Quadratic (II)
  • Creative Writing: Screenwriting (II) 
  • Pre-Calculus Fundamentals: Non-Algebraic Functions (II)
  • Biology Fundamentals: Nature (II) 
  • Middle School Book Club  (I/II)
  • Middle School Science (I/II)
  • Expository and Analytical Essay Writing (I/II)
  • College Essay Writing
  • Public Speaking and Debate (Hun School Credit) 
  • Tutoring: Math and Science

Learn more about ACLI

DYK: Our campus is minutes away from downtown Princeton and Princeton University, on a beautiful 45-acre campus less than one hour from New York City and Philadelphia.

What to expect

Students in the ACLI will:

  • Learn with American students and teachers as part of Hun Summer Session
  • Experience diversity and a wide variety of cultures
  • Work on 21st-century skills, including communication and collaboration
  • Learn basic vocabulary and important phrases in conversational English 
  • Read interesting books and materials that match their reading skill levels
  • Write short compositions about their experiences on- and off-campus 
  • Practice listening and comprehension skills as well as speaking, writing, reading, and grammar skills

Dates and pricing

The program runs from July 22 - Aug. 9th and costs $2,085. This includes tuition, field trips to U.S. destinations, lunch and snacks, and a certificate of completion.