American Culture and Language Institute

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Culture and Language Institute is Cancelled for Summer 2020

We look forward to welcoming students back in 2o21!

The American Cultural and Language Institute (ACLI) has been a popular Hun Summer program for three decades. Students join our program from around the world, and immerse themselves in the culture of the United States for three weeks during the summer. Students can expect to travel to New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. as well as nearby downtown Princeton. Early registration is recommended because this program fills quickly. Earl-bird discounts are available.

Cost: $2,385

Who should enroll?

The ideal candidates for the ACLI include:

  1. Beginner, novice, and fluent English speakers. Our program is designed to cater to each level of English competency and sets the foundation for continued growth.
  2. International students interested in making the transition from schools in their home country to college preparatory schools in America.
  3. International students interested in interim study in America before returning to academic pursuits in their home country.
  4. American students who wish to continue their ESL studies after the school year has ended.

Applications for the program can be submitted as early as Jan. 1st. Applicants are processed and enrolled on a rolling basis until the program is full. You can read more information about our admissions process.

Learn more about ACLI

DYK: Our campus is minutes away from downtown Princeton and Princeton University, on a beautiful 45-acre campus less than one hour from New York City and Philadelphia.

What to expect

Students in the ACLI will:

  • Learn with American students and teachers as part of Hun Summer Session
  • Experience diversity and a wide variety of cultures
  • Work on 21st-century skills, including communication and collaboration
  • Learn basic vocabulary and important phrases in conversational English 
  • Read interesting books and materials that match their reading skill levels
  • Write short compositions about their experiences on- and off-campus 
  • Practice listening and comprehension skills as well as speaking, writing, reading, and grammar skills

Dates and pricing

The program runs from July 20 - Aug. 7th and costs $2,385. This includes tuition, field trips to U.S. destinations, lunch and snacks, and a certificate of completion. Register before March 1st and save $200 using discount code HUNACLI.