Student Support

Imagine a highly-challenging academic environment, with columns of reliable support, every step of the way.

The Hun School was founded as a tutoring school in 1914 by Dr. John Gale Hun, who believed he could teach high-level math to any student, so long as he got to know them on a personal level. Today, that individual support is still a hallmark of a Hun School education. We believe that all students benefit from an extra explanation, an opportunity to ask more questions, and devoted faculty who create individualized plans for students who will benefit from them.


Extra Help

Extra Help is a Hun School tradition; students and faculty alike enjoy the time they spend diving deeper into course materials, offering feedback during the process of class projects, and getting to know one another on a more personal level.

Outside of the traditional class setting, students have the opportunity to approach teachers with questions on assignments, ideas, and goals. Extra Help is offered for half an hour before the school day begins and for half an hour after the day ends. All teachers are available during this time, and the best part about it is that everyone takes advantage of it!

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A tenet of the Hun School experience, advisory is a group of eight to ten students, overseen by a faculty member. Students are placed in an advisory freshman year and remain with the same group for their four years in the Hun Upper School; Middle School students rotate advisors each year. A student’s advisor is there to encourage, guide, and insert accountability when needed. Faculty advisors are often the first stop for students or parents who have questions about the Hun experience, and they help new students adjust rapidly to life at School.

Advisories meet regularly, and discuss everything from the course selection process to the ins and outs of life at Hun. They might focus on time management resources one week, and collaborate on a group project the next. They are built-in social groups, academic and co-curricular sherpas. For most students, advisory is a home base or a moment of clarity from the hustle and bustle of the school year.


Student Support Team

The Student Support Team, made up of faculty and staff across the academic aisles, meets each week to create plans for students who might be struggling with academic, social, emotional, or other health issues. Each student is assigned a faculty member, separate from their advisor, who aids the student in implementing a plan, communicates with the student’s family, and acts as a liaison between the student and their teachers. The team might also explore and recommend outside resources. The Student Support Team also discusses issues affecting the student body at large, which might affect students socially and emotionally.

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counseling and wellness


Counseling and Wellness

Our Counseling and Wellness team supports students (and their parents) with appropriate resources, including regular parent webinars, in-school programming, and individual support. Hun’s counselors believe in a School-wide approach to mental health, and foster a sense of belonging and connectedness to the School community.

The department consists of counselors specific to Upper School and Middle School, and international students.