Raider Houses

Raider Houses help to build our culture of unity, our spirit of friendly competition, and our Hun pride. 

How often do you see a sixth grader and a sophomore working together? How about a senior socializing with an eighth grader? If your answer is “almost never,” then you are certainly not at The Hun School. Here at Hun, we build bridges across all grade levels—and we have plenty of fun doing it. 

One way is through our Raider Houses. Established in 2014 by the faculty and student government as a way to boost school spirit and foster community, our Raider Houses take a page from Harry Potter. Of course, we work our own sort of magic—namely, school spirit. 

Each student, from sixth grade to post-graduate, is sorted into one of four Raider Houses—Gale House, Edger House, Quill House, and Shield House. Students remain with their Raider Houses until graduation, and siblings (and future generations) are assigned to the same House. House placement is determined by the grade level deans to ensure an equal distribution of talents, so you will never find all of the artists in one House or the athletes in another. 

Raider Houses compete against each other in a wide variety of academic, artistic, and athletic activities during the School’s three Spirit Weeks. Points are tallied throughout the year, culminating in the presentation of the Raider Cup. Engraved with each year’s winning House, The Raider Cup is on permanent display in the Upper School. 

“I have worked in three high schools and I haven’t seen anything like Hun, where there really is no division between grade levels.”
Ryan Hews, Upper School Head
Raider House competition - musical chairs
girl with sunglasses
boy riding bike