Global and Immersion Learning

From participating in a field study on a glacier in Iceland and considering immigration issues at the U.S./Mexico border, to even receiving course credit for conducting biology research in Ecuador, Hun’s students step outside of the classroom to hone a global perspective.

Whether it’s completing field research with a scientist or staying on a Native American reservation, reading about something in a textbook simply cannot compete with firsthand experience. That’s the guiding force behind The Hun School’s Global and Immersion Learning Program, an experiential learning program featuring up to fifteen immersive programs designed to offer students a hands-on education in a global environment. 

Global and Immersion experiences align with Upper and Middle School curriculum, and are designed to embrace the seven core Hun skills. The programs challenge and enrich students intellectually and personally, and create an engaged community with a comprehensive understanding of other cultures and their connections. Each program lasts six to fourteen days and features a unique focus, ranging from science and language to culture, service, or art. 

Current Programs

“This is not just a study abroad session; it’s much broader,” “We want to have them immerse and engage themselves in the culture and language, be conscientious stewards of the environment and have a duty to be aware—to be able to take another perspective and value the opinion of others. All of these things are really important to create the skills we’re looking for – empathy and ethical decision-making. They come from immersion learning.”

Lynn McNulty, Director of Global and Immersion Programs.

Past Trips

  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador and the Galapagos
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Peru