Health and Wellness

We believe balance is not an end but a fundamental means to learning and a life well lived.

What separates Hun as a learning community is how we balance rigorous academics with a joyful environment.

We encourage students to explore, try new things, and dare to fail—both in and out of the classroom. We operate on the principle that chances are best taken where the spirit of kindness and possibility reign together. 

In this supportive setting, we want students to seek out the fullest range of their abilities and interests. Whether in academics or arts, athletics or leadership, a Hun student can trust that we will help them learn about the world and themselves. 

We call that a balanced equation.

“Meditation is not about feeling a certain way. It’s about feeling the way you feel.”

Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier and a former guest speaker at Hun


Hun’s gifted teachers are devoted to their students’ success, both in and out of the classroom. In addition to teachers, students can rely on their academic advisors for support. Advisory meets weekly for check-ins, and advisors help students pick classes, navigate high school, and communicate with parents.

Boarding students find a similar structure with resident faculty, who take extra care to check in during nightly study hall, offer a fresh baked treat, and provide the kind of support students would find in their own homes.

Students are also encouraged to drop in to the stress tolerance and management group, a weekly meeting hosted by the Counseling Office to help students foster tolerance, and develop coping mechanisms and mitigation techniques for stress and anxiety they may be experiencing. 


Our commitment to nurturing the whole child is embedded in our curriculum; from required courses to orientation.

Seminar: In keeping with the mission to develop character, community, and values as well as meeting students’ differing talents, interests, and academic needs, all Upper School students complete a series of standards over the course of their ninth and tenth grade Seminar experience. These demonstrated competencies in human personality and sexuality, personal safety, lifestyle health, emotional and mental wellness, healthy sexual behavior, and healthy decision making are embedded in age-appropriate units and implemented through classes, class meetings, outside professionals, or Advisory programming.

Middle School Orientation: Our Middle School students learn The Hun Way of doing things during the first week of school. Our weeklong orientation exposes them to themes they’ll revisit throughout the year in their advisory, including cultural competency, team building, and positive psychology. Everyone in The Hun Middle School learns about their personal strengths and how to assess them.

Health and Wellness Day: All of our students participate in Wellness Day, a daylong substantive health program. Together with our Counseling and Wellness team, various professional partners will offer our students workshops and activities exploring topics such as anxiety, body image, healthy relationships, mindfulness, and nutrition. At various points throughout the day, our students gather for keynote presentations by outside presenters who ties those topics together.

Hun parents are invited and encouraged to take part is some aspects of Wellness Day. Each year, we offer various parent sessions, including webinars and on-campus sessions where our presenters or faculty members share their experiences and expertise in the day’s themes.

Mind and Body Days: We understand that exam periods can be stressful for students, and we’re committed to helping them learn healthy study strategies. In addition to periods of testing, we offer regular breaks, healthy snacks, and activities to refresh bodies and minds. Yoga and a math test in the same day? A science exam after a meditation activity? We’re helping our students strike a balance.

Participation Requirement: We believe that balancing academics and extra-curriculars is in our students’ best interest, so participation is mandatory. Our healthy menu of after- school sports, arts, and wellness activities makes for a tough choice! Middle School students fulfill their requirement during the last period of the day, while Upper School students participate after the school day ends at 3:30 p.m.


Guest Speakers: Our community has a block of time set aside each rotation to meet as a whole. In this time, we bring in guest speakers, performers, and other opportunities for our students. We’ve featured Dan Harris, ABC News host and author of 10% Happier, mindfulness coach David Mochel, and social media wellness expert Ana Homayoun. 

Clubs: All of our clubs and organizations have designated meeting time in our rotating schedule, and several focus on wellness, including the Body Image Club and the Mental Health Awareness Club. Members of these clubs discuss current events and issues, educate their peers, and participate in wellness activities.

Exam Week Stress Relief: We understand that exam periods can bring anxiety and stress to our students, so in addition to helping them learn effective and healthy study strategies, we provide wellness activities throughout the week, including yoga and aromatherapy.