Clubs and Organizations

Student life opportunities at Hun are vibrant and plentiful. In a given year, there are typically more than eighty student clubs and organizations from which to choose. Whether you are interested in service, an academic team, or simply looking for a group of kids who share your passion for fashion, step right this way. Student life organizations are a fantastic way to make new friends, develop a new interest, or learn to lead. 

“Hun has the right mix of academics, athletics, and community. As parents we want our children to be well rounded and for them to be in an environment that is worldly and will prepare them for college and beyond. Hun does just that and provides them a place where they learn, grow and find themselves.”

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Student Government

The student representatives are the main voice of Hun students in School policy and reform. Each advisory has a representative in Student Government, in addition to various cabinet positions, President, and Vice President.

Recently, the Student Government has been instrumental in changes to the dress code, including the recent allowance of sneakers.

The Middle School Student Government is similarly composed, and helps to plan and run social events throughout the year, including the annual (and very popular!) gingerbread house competition.

Kerem at a podium
community service at Johnson Park School

Service Learning

The Service Learning Department aims to get our students involved in the world outside Hun's borders, and arranges activities for students in all grade levels. Whether it's a reading activity with children at a local elementary school or organizing a basketball clinic, Hun students benefit from the relationships we've built with nearby organizations.

Hun students are also required to perform service hours with the Community Service Club or on their own, outside of the school-sponsored activities. 


At The Hun School, we know it’s important to balance academics and extracurricular pursuits. That’s why we’ve built our schedule to include time for clubs and other activities each day. So whether you’re interested in science Olympiad or perfecting your smoothie recipe, you’ll find a club that speaks to you. And if you don’t? We hope you’ll start your own.  

Some clubs — like Model UN, Girls Who Code, and Math Competition Club — are Academic Teams that compete in local and national competitions. Others — like Chilk, the Chocolate Milk Club, and Sports Talk and Debate — are specific to The Hun School and focus on a shared social interest.

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