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  • Anchored in Christ

    This club would be open to all students interested in learning about the Christian Faith. It would be a place where the students can talk openly to each other about our lives and how faith plays a part in it. We can talk about all the other denominations to become more aware of the diversity of religion and how we all can bond over Christ. It will give students at Hun an opportunity to talk about and learn more about the Christian Faith.
  • Asian Culture Club

    The Asian Culture Club (ACC) will be focused on the spread of knowledge about the different cultures within Asia to the Hun community. This club will be focused on learning more about the Asian culture and the differences between the cultures. The club will meet up once every two weeks to discuss ways to effectively spread this knowledge through activities, celebrating Asian holidays, and more. The goal for the club is to make all Hun students aware of the different cultures of Asia. Club membership is open to all Hun students willing to put a bit of effort to learn about the Asian culture.
  • Autism Awareness Club

    The Autism Awareness Club is a club raise autism awareness and to fundraise for AutismSpeaks. AutismSpeaks is a nonprofit organization that raises money for autism research and awareness. This club will meet every other week to discuss ways to spread awareness throughout the Hun community, as well as organizing fundraisers.
  • Black Student Union

    The Black Student Union (BSU) strives to foster a sense of community for all students, as well as, to educate, inform, and spread awareness of the diversity within the black community. It serves as a place for students to express their views concerning current events, academics, cultural arts, and campus life pertaining to issues surrounding persons of African, Caribbean or Latino descent. BSU meets weekly for discussion and support, along with taking time to create school-wide programs, sponsor social gatherings, and host other multicultural activities. While promoting Black and Latino culture around the entire campus, BSU also works together to provide a comfortable, familiar, and welcoming atmosphere for all students of color at Hun. Membership is open to everyone, regardless of race.
  • Book Club

    Book Club is an opportunity for students to explore literature for the sheer pleasure of reading and story. It is a student-centered experience: Students propose titles and vote on those. The winning titles are read and discussed by group members in an informal, or more casual style, than reading discussions that take place in class. The titles are sometimes contemporary, and sometimes classics. It all depends on what the group is most interested in!
  • Buddies Without Borders

    Buddies Without Borders (BWB) seeks to create a closer community between American and International Students at The Hun School of Princeton. Programing will be centered on community building and increasing both cultural awareness and cultural competency of all participants. We will meet every two weeks. We seek to utilize proven strategies such as peer pairing to foster positive intercultural relationships among the student body.
  • Business Competition Club

    This club offers students an opportunity to apply business-related knowledge to real-world problems and will meet every two weeks. Different from investment clubs, Business Competition Club will organize several business competitions during the school year, like the virtual trading competition and the case analysis competition. Students will not only practice their business skills but also use these skills to solve real problems. We hope to develop the entrepreneurship skills of Hun school students, while raising awareness of the business issues that companies face worldwide. We aim to provide and join two to three competitions targeted at students to develop their skills in producing both innovative and creative solutions to global business problems.
  • Chess Club

    The Chess Club helps promote this amazing board game. Join the Chess Club, which meets once a week, to challenge your mind while having fun playing a classic game.  
  • Coach Club (MIT Launch)

    The vision for this club is to help Hun School students find their unique potential early on in life, while also increasing their confidence and goal-setting skills. As a part of this vision, the Coach Club will be hosting the MIT Launch club program. It allows students to launch their own startup companies while learning about entrepreneurial skills and mindsets in a hands-on way. Every other week, Launch teams will be able to grow their companies with the help of mentors and through club activities. The vision for this club is to help Hun School students find their unique ability early on in life, while also increasing their confidence and goal-setting skills. This club will help Hun students achieve more during and after their time at The Hun School, learn about crucial 21st-century skills such as goal-setting and developing confidence, and enable our students to be successful leaders in their respective fields. Most importantly, the Coach Club will help students discover their unique ability and perform it to their maximum potential.
  • Comic Book Club

    The Comic Book Club is for those who love comic books, or love the idea of comic books. You do not need previous comic book experience to join, just an interest in the genre. We will meet every other week to discuss various books and themes. We will also plan events such as movie screenings, trips to comic book stores, and a trip to comic con in Philadelphia.
  • Communal Gaming Club

    A group that enjoys playing interactive games together on the computers in the photo lab and their own devices. Sometimes there is hot chocolate drinking and cookie eating as well. Please join us weekly if you’re interested in gaming with others!
  • Communications Office Interns

    Join the Communications department by helping to cover extra-curricular events happening around campus.  Events include but are not limited to games, theater productions, concerts, college counseling events, and multi-cultural events.  In this club, you will learn and practice skills related to photography, videography, editing, and all aspects of live video production.  
  • Community Service Club

    The Community Service Club dedicated to helping others. The club’s activities are designed based on the interest of the members. Activities range from creating events for underprivileged children, seniors, disabled, veterans, the homeless, and environmental causes. Additionally, each year the club organizes a trip that focuses on different types of service. The club also conducts fundraisers or drives to support causes locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Computer Science Club

    The Computer Science Club will meet to discuss various computer science and computer machinery topics. It will also compete in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions and other computer-oriented events. The Computer Science Club is perfect for anyone into computers or programming, even if you don’t have prior experience. Join us once a month for some engaging interaction with people who share the same passion of computer science!
  • Congressional Debate Club

    A simulation of the U.S. legislative process in the Senate and the House, students generate a series of bills and resolutions for debate in Congressional Debate. Debaters (also referred to as Senators and Representatives) alternate delivering speeches for and against the topic in a group setting. An elected student serves as a presiding officer to ensure debate flows smoothly. Students are assessed on their research, argumentation, and delivery skills, as well as their knowledge and use of parliamentary procedure. Congressional debate is different from Model U.N because you are independent and create legislations that have to do with the United States or its involvement in global issues. Also, congressional debate allows for more speaking and debate opportunities.
  • Culinary Club

    Culinary club is a club that creates opportunities for learning about different cuisines of different countries, for cooking with interesting ingredients, and for eating something that you have never eaten before. Throughout the year, we would be having meetings every other week, with food of course. Students bake, go out to eat, and watch videos about new happenings in the culinary world. They also learn about how culinary arts relate to many traditional holidays.  Join the culinary club for an experience you would never forget!
  • Dance Club

    Hun Dance Club acts to support the Hun Dance Company through management of Company activities, including choreography, planning shows, and planning field trips to professional studios. It also fund raises so that the Company can purchase incidentals such as costumes which might not fall within the Company's budget. Join us in our meetings once every other week during each of the fall and spring athletic trimesters.The Dance Club acts as an adjunct to The Hun Dance Company. Membership in the Club is open to any student who participates, or plans to participate, in one of the three yearly Company shows (Fall and Spring dance recitals and the Winter Musical). Members use club time to review or create choreography, discuss show themes, select costumes, and plan fundraisers or field trips to professional dance studios.
  • Diversity Club

    The Diversity Club exists to provide a safe place for everyone, to educate the Hun community about diversity, to advocate acceptance, and to guide students on their own self discovery. This is done through cultural events, engaging activities, seeing outside speakers, and bringing in presenters. Please join us once every other week to learn more about yourself and others!
  • The Edgerstounian (Yearbook)

    The purpose of our club is to publish a professional grade yearbook each school year. Additionally, students enrolled in Edgerstounian learn and hone the skills associated with time management, photography, marketing, writing, and leadership skills.  Join this skilled group once a week during Community Life and once every other week after school. The Edgerstounian yearbook staff produces the yearbook from start to finish, from photography and design to layout and copy. Staff is busy from September through April covering sports, academics, student life, clubs and any other activities here at Hun. This year we will be publishing the 90th edition of Hun's Edgerstounian yearbook. As a part of Yearbook, you get the opportunity to create a timeless publication that your classmates will keep and look at forever. Remember, Yearbook is your book; help make it a great one!

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  • Edgertones

    The Edgertones are the girls’ a cappella group on campus. Founded in 2004, the Edgertones perform mostly contemporary pop music. Membership is by audition only, and the group typically ranges between eight and fifteen singers. Auditions are held at the beginning of each school year. Practices are led by their director, Ms. Rankin, but at concerts a student leader conducts the group. Performance opportunities include campus events, a cappella competitions, and east coast touring.
  • EduTure

    EduTure is a program that cooperates with Save the Children. The donations mostly come from students and other individuals in the same community who are interested in helping poor children to get better educational equipment and resources. The ways in which we will earn money to donate are the following: holding international dinner, bake sale, and car washes. We’ll be making remittance to Save the Children organization every two months.  The club will meet once every two weeks.
  • Environmental Innovation

    The purpose of this club is connect our understanding of the natural world and business to our day-to-day lives in modern society. Students will explore nature, evaluate clean energy opportunities, reduce waste, and rethink how we use resources in a resource constrained world. Our club will meet once every two weeks.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    FCA (BIBLE STUDY) is a club where students (not just athletes) can come and learn about the bible and study it. In each meeting, the bible will be studied in a variety of ways, such as reading scripture, sharing testimonies, and watching videos. The videos we watch are on different topics given by pastors or ministers or interviews of professional athletes that share their life experiences and their journey to having a better relationship with Christ. Join us in our weekly meetings; all are welcome.   
  • French Club

    The French Club is a fun way to enjoy French culture: food, films, and games. 
  • Gender and Sexuality Awareness

    GSA aims to promote tolerance towards sexual orientation at The Hun School and promote and defend the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of the Hun community by working to prevent any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity.
  • Geography Club

    To provide students with knowledge of the world's geography, countries and cultures. Geography is not as focused in Upper School curriculum in the American educational system, and it seems that many students have a gap in their geographical knowledge. Avoiding theoretical material about the structure of the Earth and weather determinants and etc., we would like to focus on those topics that would engage students the most. These are cultures and countries. Join us every other week where club meetings will be supplemented by presentations about certain topics and countries and food related to the culture
  • Girls Learn International

    The Hun School Chapter of GLI is paired with The Khidderpore School which is located in a Red Light District in Kolkata, India. The people living in this area are poor with a limited choice of livelihood and very poor earning potential. Women and girls in Kolkata consequently are at high risk of becoming victims of human trafficking and/or forced prostitution. Through building awareness as well as fundraising The Hun School contributes to providing the girls of The Khidderpore School with an education. Without this educational opportunity these girls are at high risk of entering the sex trade. Girls Learn International®, Inc. (GLI) gives American students a voice in the movement for universal girls’ education. GLI pairs American middle and high school- based Chapters with Partner Schools in countries where girls have been traditionally denied access to education. The GLI Program gives students the opportunity to explore issues affecting girls in relation to global human rights, promotes cross-cultural understanding and communication, and trains students to be leaders and advocates for positive change.
  • Global Issues Club

    Refugees. Global Warming. Poverty. Child Soldiers. Water Crisis. Gender Based Violence. Do you want to discuss and learn more about the pressing global issues your generation is facing? Are you interested in playing a role in what kinds of global programs are offered at Hun? The Global Issues Club provides time and space to discuss what's going on in the world, works on solutions to some of those problems, collaborates with other clubs on projects and activities, and works with the Director of Global Programs to help choose extra- curricular programs and activities for the Hun Community.
  • Guitar Club

    The club's goal is to spread the joy of playing and learning to play the guitar. The club is open to all levels of experience, including absolute beginners. Join us every week to take part in the fun!
  • Humans of Hun

    The club tells stories and quotes of often heard and often unheard voices through Instagram photos and captions. Join us every other week to get to know our Community members!
  • Hun Hosts

    This group is for all the extroverts who like to party and arrange parties. The Hun Hosts will work with other student groups to help make all student activities as exciting as possible for the members of our Community. The main event will include planning PROM!
  • The Hun School Board Meetings

    The purpose of this club will be to introduce the world of surfing to interested students. The club will place an emphasis on the environmental, cinematography, technological, and cultural aspects of the surfing world. With such a wide range of topics, this will encourage surfers and non-surfers alike to learn and enjoy this ancient sport on a weekly basis.  
  • Hun School Fishing Club

    The purpose of this club is to allow our fellow anglers at Hun to share their passion of the sport with other anglers once a month. Along with this, the purpose of this club would be to organize fishing trips for day students and boarders, especially club members. Not only could this club talk about and organize fishing trips, but we could also discuss the methods of fishing, as well as commercial fishing and its effects on us. As we know, overfishing is a problem facing this world, and members of the Hun Fishing Club would be expected to participate in discussions about how we could handle, if not solve, this ongoing problem.
  • Hun Model United Nations

    Model United Nations is an academic simulation of various international organizations, where participants, or “delegates,” play the role of diplomats from the countries they represent and debate world issues with other delegates. Whether or not you have had Model UN experience, as long as you are interested in politics, economics, international relations, or simply in making friends, HunMUN welcomes your participation. We will go to several Model UN conferences this year, ranging from regional, national, to international, where you can practice diplomacy and leadership, and more importantly, meet people and make friends.
  • Hun Investors Club

    The purpose of the Hun Investment club is to discuss the stock market and the daily occurrences of Wall Street. The club meets regularly once a week. The club also has investment competitions in which members either work independently or in groups in simulated trading games online. We hope to continue the tradition of taking a trip to the New York Stock Exchange, learning about the history of Wall Street, and even visiting the floor of the exchange. Also, the club usually takes place in trading competitions in particular the trading day at Steven's Institute. The club also helps to teach the younger members about how the stock market works and includes strategies.
  • The Hun Review

    The Hun Review is an annual literary and arts magazine that showcases the best prose, poetry, essays, art, and photography that Hun School students produce throughout the year. You can be involved by submitting your work in any of the above genres, or by participating as an editor.  
  • HunTV

    Help us to write, film, edit, and produce Hun’s weekly TV broadcast!

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  • Improv Club

    Looking for a club that is never the same from one meeting to the next? One that is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun? Join Hun's Improv Club for weekly meetings and learn the art of improvisational acting through game! As a group, we'll practice the fundamentals of this unscripted, dialogue-driven acting technique that has catapulted many of your favorite Saturday Night Live and comedic stars to fame. Improv club will have you saying "Yes! and..." by the end of our first meeting, as we work together to respond to the unexpected with confidence, creativity and poise.
  • Jewish Studies and Culture Club

    The “JCC” shares the culture of Judaism with our community. It celebrates the Sabbath, (Shabbat), and other holidays as they occur during the cycle of the Jewish year. We have relaxing dinners in the comfortable Breen Center of the Global Commons filled with good food, stories, explanations of traditions, relaxing and enjoying the company of our peers, faculty, and staff. We attend Shabbat dinners and events at other Schools, including Princeton University Hillel, and have guest speakers during the year. ALL are welcome to experience these special events and others as they are announced throughout the year. Membership, leadership, and participation in events are open to the entire community regardless of religious background or affiliation.  We meet once a month and have special events throughout the year.
  • Knitting and Tea Club

    The purpose of this club is to have fun, knit, drink tea, socialize and maybe eat food. We looking forward to creating some new friendships every other week while enjoying life’s simple pleasures.
  • Liberty in North Korea

    North Korea remains among the world’s most repressive countries. All basic freedoms have been severely restricted under the Kim family’s political dynasty. A 2014 UN Commission of Inquiry found that abuses in North Korea were without parallel in the contemporary world. Under such circumstances, thousands of North Korean refugees have escaped their country, but are now at risk of exploitation & capture because they cannot afford the 3,000-mile journey to a safe country. As students in “LINK”, We don’t have loud voices and big powers to actually help those people who are in need. However, we want to help them. By informing our community through making posters and hosting events, we want more people to be aware of the inequalities present in North Korea. Join us every other week to make a difference!
  • The Mall

    Do you like to write and want to share your work with others? Looking to get experience in photography or web design? Join Hun’s award-winning newspaper, The Mall! We are currently looking for new writers, photographers, and web designers from any grade. You can sign up to write all year, for one semester, or even for just one issue.
  • Masala Club

    To spread awareness of South Asian culture within our community. It is open to ALL Hun School members. Join us every other week to enjoy the culture and how to inform more people about it.
  • Math Competition Club

    MC2 will explore and examine the art of problem solving while practicing for local and national math competitions. The members will meet every other week to discuss interesting problems, take sample tests, and to practice for the various competitions. The Club is open to everyone.
  • Medical Club

    The Medical club is aiming to volunteer at hospitals, skype with medical professionals, and learn about medicine. We will volunteer at local hospitals in order to gain clinical experience and serve the community. Skyping doctors, nurses, and surgeons will allow students to gain a true understanding of work-life, medical training, and have their questions answered. Our club meets every week and aims to learn about medicine through videos, articles, and presentations in order to be knowledgeable about disorders that affect our global society as well as local. Medical club will allow students who are interested in medicine to gain a true understanding of what the path to medicine looks like and the realities of patient care.
  • Mental Health Awareness Club

    Inspired by the documentary, Asylums, our club educates our community on mental health issues. We believe it is important to destigmatize mental illness. In addition to educating the community with public service announcements, we would like to participate in fundraising efforts and identify existing community resources. Join us every other week to discuss mental illness and promote awareness and understanding.
  • Middle Eastern Society

    The club's goal is to educate and engage the Hun Community regarding the diversity of the various cultures throughout the Middle East.  Every week we discuss current events and celebrate the cultural diversity found throughout the region.
  • Mini-THON Club

    The mini-THON club will consist of Committee Members that help put together the event from planning to fundraisers to the mini-THON. The Four Diamonds mini-THONs are fun-filled events for students of all ages which inspire teamwork, leadership, and creativity while empowering young people through philanthropy and service in the fight to conquer childhood cancer. Mini-THONS are modeled after the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON), and have been making a difference in the lives of childhood cancer patients and their families for more than 20 years. The motto of THON is “FTK”. Everything we do is “For The Kids” and the children fighting cancer are our inspiration. All Hun students, from grades 6 – PG are welcome to attend the event in April.
  • Model Congress

    Model Congress is a role-playing simulation of the United States Congress. During conferences, students will represent states in the House of Representatives and the Senate as they debate current events in committee sessions. Possible topics include nuclear energy management, nuclear disarmament, marijuana legalization, STEM education and much more. The Hun Model Congress team is in its fourth year of existence and will likely be participating in Harvard, and either Yale or Penn Model Congress this year. If you are looking to get a glimpse of what Congress is like, debate national and international issues, or just make new friends, this is the club for you!
  • Movie Making Club

    The purpose of this club is to make small movies and/or skits. The club will be doing a collaborative, cumulative project. The club will also participate in a club contest and will help with school projects (a capella music videos, teacher requested videos etc.).  Join us every other week to participate in these exciting projects!
  • Music Helps Club

    Music Helps Club would be a place where kids could exchange different music and artists and just appreciate the culture that is music! Many people use music as inspiration so come and share your favorites!
  • National Junior Classical League

    The NJCL is the largest Classical organization in the world. The club meets every week, and its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity. Our members will compete in contests, take part in the Certamen at Princeton University, and members will be eligible to earn entrance into the National Latin Honor Society.
  • Operation Smile Club

    Operation Smile is a charitable organization that provides free life-changing surgeries for children with cleft lips and cleft palates. This club will not only raise awareness, but we will work to help make a real difference for less fortunate children..
  • Operation Smile Club

    Operation Smile is a charitable organization that provides free life-changing surgeries for children with cleft lips and cleft palates. This club will not only raise awareness, but we will work to help make a real difference for less fortunate children.
  • Physics Club

    In this club, we will do things such as learn about the most recent events within the physics world, discuss fundamental topics, and possibly build some structures. These will be done with the help of a Princeton University student that will visit and present the club with new ideas and fun activities. The goal of this club is to give all students who don’t take physics class a chance to learn about one of the basic categories of science while having fun.
  • Poetry Club

    The Poetry Club will be write about and discuss poetry every other week.
  • Puzzle Club

    This club is for people who like jigsaw puzzles and need a mental break during the day. We will use our meeting time, every other week, to work on puzzles and play games.
  • Red Shield Society

    The Red Shield Society is a group of students who represent The Hun School of Princeton as tour guides. Members of the Society embody the quality of character and level of maturity that The Hun School values most in students. The Red Shield Society provides an invaluable service to the community by introducing the School to visiting students and their families. They present their knowledge and experiences of Hun in an enthusiastic manner. Members must be in good academic standing and be positive members of the community.
  • Sangha Club

    Sangha is a spiritual discussion and meditation club. Each meeting, members will read a passage from a different religion, and members will discuss their opinions or how those words possibly connect to their lives. At the end of meetings, we will meditate in order to digest the ideas we had been talking about. The word 'sangha' is a Buddhist term that means community; we hope that this can be an open community where people feel comfortable exploring new ideas and expressing themselves.
  • Scooter Club

    In the midst of a stressful school week, it is important that students relieve their anxiety by having fun! Scooter Club accepts all students, and offers a fun break from the day!  Weekly, we will be riding razor scooters around campus, and having a great time. If any student is feeling stressed or left out, they can find their place in Scooter Club. Like meditation, physical exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins. This is necessary during a hard week!
  • Ski Club

    The purpose of the club is to experience the outdoors while skiing and connecting with other members of our community. The Ski Club has a few meetings throughout the fall and winter which culminates in a three day ski trip to Vermont. You will only receive club credit if you attend the trip. There are a limited number of spots available on the trip so sign up as early as possible!   
  • The Sneaker Wings Club

    Gather people who love sneakers and discussing trends, release dates, and how sneakers influence the economic market and its own culture, which include the following: different brands, art designs, history of the company. Join us weekly to talk kicks!
  • Sports Leadership Council

    This club will be for coaches and student-athletes to continue the work done at the Student Leadership Forum. Every other week, we will meet in order to promote and cultivate a culture of sportsmanship, competition and school pride across athletics.  
  • Sports Talk and Debate

    Every week we will meet and talk about what is going on in sports, and our opinions on what's happening. Every couple weeks there will be structured debates on a specific topic.
  • Stamp Carving Club

    We will provide carving materials such as traditional Chinese jade stamps and chisels. No artistic ability required, we will teach you how to carve and make your own masterpiece! We will possibly have a stamp exhibition at the end of the year. Also lots of tasty snacks for the first few meetings! Plan to meet every other week to continue our carving!
  • STEM Club

    Students will meet weekly to work on STEM projects. They will participate in the Science Olympiad in the fall, and regularly engage in discussions of STEM fields.
  • The Student Section Club

    The intention of the Student Section club would be to increase student attendance and school spirit at sporting events. We will hold meetings once a week to discuss the upcoming games in the next week and would try and get as many kids to come while making a theme for each game. We would have a sign in sheet at the games and you would have to go to a certain amount of games in order to get the credits for the club. We are hoping to create a more consistent cheering section for this year and for years to come.
  • Student to Student

    The purpose of this club is to sponsor a few low-funded schools and provide them with school supplies and funds. We meet once a month to plan several fundraisers and supply drives throughout the year to get these supplies and funds.
  • Support of Troops Club

    The Support Our Troops Club will work with many non-profit military-support organizations (Support our Troops Foundation) to benefit active and retired military around the world. We are looking for energetic and involved students with a passion for service!
  • Tri-M National Music Honor Society

    Tri-M is a club that meets to explore music in all its forms and to promote music in the Hun community. We will take trips to musical venues, explore music of interest to members, and do activities that are fun and interesting to the membership. This is a music lovers and players' club. It is a place to enjoy music and hang out with others who have a similar interest. Our Tri-M Chapter is recognized by the national organization and sponsored by the National Association for Music Education.
  • UNICEF Club

    Join this club to help less fortunate children in other countries have clean water and quality schooling.
  • Video Game Arrangements Club

    The club is about arranging and performing video game music. Shorter, monthly meetings during Community Life would focus on deciding who would play what, while longer after school meetings would mostly be group practices.
  • VoiceMale

    VoiceMale is a close-knit group of brothers in song that performs at school and community events, attends outside festivals and competitions, and spreads great music and laughter wherever it goes. Auditions are held twice a year. Any male student can try out; no choral experience is necessary – you just have to love singing, be able to hold a tune, and be able to commit to an average of one evening practice per week.
  • Winter Running Club

    Winter running club is for anyone who wants to structure a little cardio into the winter, prepare for the spring track (or any sport) season, hang out with an awesome group of people, or receive awesome updates and bits of info about running. The winter running club does fundraisers for 5k races, which our runs prepare us for. Even if you do not feel like a marathon runner, running club is open to all abilities. Runs are twice per week in the winter scheduled around the weather. Everything is easier with a positive group of people.
  • X-Lab

    X-Lab provides support for student-centered, inquiry-based experiences. Students plan, prepare, and present their personalized journey of passion-driven discovery. In X-Lab, the variables are dictated by students and supported by faculty. Students dictate and design all topics, methods, products, and goals. Although students may have a predicted outcome, their time in X-Lab will provide them opportunities of deep exploration, reflection, and re-routing and restructuring as necessary. X-Lab fosters leadership, creativity, resilience, autonomy, and personal growth. Meetings are held every other week and the projects will culminate into a final presentation and celebration at the end of the year.
  • Young Alumni Association

    The goal of the Young Alumni Association (YAA) is to provide a link between students and alumni and to inform students about what it means to be a Hun School alumnus. The YAA meets three or four times during the year to plan some of the young alumni events that take place during the school year.
  • Young Politician Club

    The Young Politician Club would benefit and enrich the Hun School community. This year is an election year, and with that comes controversy and hype from both sides of the spectrum. Because the club is being founded during an election year, there will be an increase in student interest. We will gather every other week to discuss politics, the meeting frequency may increase as we get closer to the election.
The Hun School of Princeton is an independent, coeducational, private day and boarding college preparatory school.  Student-centered, hands-on learning prepares students for the global community in which they will live and work.

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