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The Hun School has a tradition of making athletics an integral part of education.  The old “masters” understood the values imparted by teamwork and dedication on the athletic fields. They knew that some lessons are better taught by a coach than a teacher. 
Student Life


The Hun School's first athletic director used to say that a student who worked hard in the classroom, needed to relax on the field.  In the early nineties, Athletic Director Bill Quirk imagined a symbol that would convey the life balance of mind and body.  aHa was created to salute the school spirit he valued so much.
The “H” in the middle stands for Hun, which is flanked by two “A's” to represent academics and athletics.
The mark took root on campus quickly; teams began to adopt the logo and aHa tee-shirts became some of the students’ most coveted possessions.  The rarer the shirt, the more sought after it became.  aHa soccer tee-shirts, for example, are popular and plentiful, whereas an aHa Bocce tee-shirt is a rare collector’s item.  The symbol has been so widely embraced that it is often expanded to include art or club groups, like aHa Theater or aHa Capella.  aHa, like School spirit, permeates all areas of the student experience.  The entrepreneurial class launched a tee-shirt making business and most of their products bear the symbol.  With so many applications, it is clear that aHa has become a meaningful part of The Hun School culture.
The Hun School of Princeton is an independent, coeducational, private day and boarding college preparatory school.  Student-centered, hands-on learning prepares students for the global community in which they will live and work.

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