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A balanced equation: We have a fundamental commitment to a life well lived.

Hun students are creative and captivating, dynamic and daring. They're leaders on the field and in the classroom, and active participants in their communities. Take a look around, get to know us, and then join us on our quest to make the world a better place.

“Once I joined tech theater I was kind of amazed at all the moving parts that come together to create a show. Very quickly I thought to myself that this is what I could do for a living. I never get tired of it, every single day I love being a part of it. I know I want to go to college for this and work on Broadway, and I got to not only witness professionals doing the work that I want to do one day, but I got to learn from them and was able to take the things that they taught me and apply them to the work that we do as Janus Players.”

Jack O. '24

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With students from 18 states and 25 countries, every race and creed, there's a lot to learn! From boarding celebrations to all-school activities and programs, we love learning about our differences. 

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Health and Wellness

Regardless of each student’s chosen path, we want them to understand the importance of prioritizing their emotional and physical health and have access to the very best in related education, so we are intentional about weaving health and wellness topics into our curriculum and programs.

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Clubs and Organizations

Opportunities to serve and lead abound. With no shortage of activities and extracurriculars, our students are sure to find an activity that excites them. 

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Community Spirit

"To say that community is the central tenet of Hun would be an understatement; community is the basis of everything here, and the goal of every action on campus revolves around benefitting the community."

MC, '19

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