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The Benefits of Taking Summer Classes

By Maureen Leming

Imagine starting the school year in the fall prepared, energized, and ready to take on any academic challenge. Sound like the position you want to be in? Summer classes are an excellent way to get a headstart on rigorous courses, learn more about the subjects you love, and avoid playing catch-up during the year. At The Hun School of Princeton, we offer on-campus and virtual summer programs to help you get the most out of your education.

Are summer classes worth it? Check out these benefits and decide for yourself.

1. Get Ahead by Earning Credits

Summer courses offer a chance to earn extra credits and get ahead in school even before the year begins. When you take a summer class, you're able to focus on one subject with fewer distractions, which can give you the opportunity to advance a level in subjects like science or math without having to worry about other courses or activities. The summer can be a great time to take advantage of these opportunities to dive into the fundamentals and even boost your GPA.

These summer courses help you prepare for the upcoming school year, earn credits toward graduation, and get ready for college.

2. Try a Few Enrichment Courses

If you want to prepare for an upcoming course but not necessarily advance out of it, If you're eager to prepare for the next semester while remaining mentally active, academic enrichment classes can help you get the foundational knowledge you’ll need to be successful in that class during the school year. The Hun School's enrichment courses are project-based, hands-on programs that will engage you with active fun outside of the classroom. In small groups of four to seven students, you'll launch water balloons to learn physics and create treasure maps to explore geometry.

These not-for-credit classes allow you to prepare for a new subject in the upcoming year or review a previous subject in a relaxed environment. With summer courses, you can focus on a particular topic without the stresses of a busy schedule or full courseload to distract you. Our classes run for three weeks for two hours each day. 

3. Enjoy Smaller Class Sizes

Summer classes typically have fewer students than the average class, which means you'll get more individualized attention and find it easier to build relationships with your teacher and classmates. The relaxed setting of summer classes, and a smaller student-to-teacher ratio,  encourages collaboration, deeper understanding, and a love of learning in even the most challenging subjects.

Learn More About Summer Courses

At The Hun School, there are plenty of opportunities for joyful discovery when taking summer courses! We offer credited classes, enrichment courses, and sports camps for students aged 5 to 15. Check out our available options and sign up for Hun Summer Courses today.