Tips for Returning to School After COVID-19

Tips for Returning to School After Coronavirus

By Maureen Leming

From traditional classroom instruction to makeshift living room virtual lessons, we've all had to adjust to a new normal in recent months. 

Whether you've thrived in your online classroom or craved in-person interactions with your classmates, you've made the best of this unexpected situation. 

Now, as the start of a fresh school year approaches, we're preparing for the next stage of our new normal.

No one knows exactly what the fall semester will look like — and it's normal to feel anxiety in the face of that uncertainty. In this article, we aim to help provide some sort of expectations and empower you to embrace the unknowns to  feel confident returning to school after COVID-19. 

At The Hun School of Princeton, we can't wait to discover our new normal together as a community.

What to Expect When Returning to School This Fall

When it comes to school reopening procedures, every school will look a little different. Decisions will be made on a national, state, and local level with public health and the best interests of our students and faculty in mind. 

As you prepare to come back to school, here's what you can expect to find and feel:

  • It might be awkward: Keep in mind that things may not run as smoothly as before. Social norms are going to be stood up on end with limited physical touch and interactions. Returning to a bustling social environment may feel overwhelming. Try to laugh off the awkward and keep doing what you can. Like we said- we’re all going to be adjusting to a new normal!

  • It may be hard to focus: If you've become accustomed to studying and attending class alone at home, reentering the classroom might come with an overload of distractions. Be patient with yourself as you relearn how to focus in a physical classroom environment.

  • You may feel anxious or frustrated: The stress of an ongoing crisis manifests differently for everybody. You might be through-the-roof ecstatic at the thought of returning to school, or you may be battling waves of anxiety. No matter how you feel, you are not alone. If you’re feeling anxious, make sure you’re talking to a qualified counselor or mentor.

  • Classes may be outside:  It might be a new experience to have a Harkness Discussion in the great outdoors!

  • Anticipate a new normal: Remember that your school environment will not look and feel exactly the same as it did when you left. Understanding that these changes are necessary will help you to adjust with ease.

  • Physical distancing measures will be in place: Physical distancing will be in full swing, likely in the form of spaced-apart desks and smaller class sizes. You may also be required to take health and safety measures like temperature checks, mask requirements, and staggered schedules. Though we know how difficult it is, these protocols are in place to keep the community healthy. 

  • Virtual lessons are still a possibility: While The Hun School is excited about the hybrid model of in-person and virtual learning, there is always the possibility of needing to return to an all-virtual model of learning. 

Five Tips for Students Returning to School After COVID-19

Our staff at The Hun School has been incredibly proud of this community over the last few months. Our Remote Raiders have wowed us with new levels of tenacity, positivity, and willingness to embrace the unexpected. 

We're confident you'll thrive with the coming changes as you prepare to return to school after coronavirus.

We hope that these five tips will help you tackle our new normal.

1. Get Back in a Routine — Including Breaks as Needed

Routines give us the predictability and structure we crave in times of uncertainty. Even in a pre-pandemic world, routines were an integral part of helping each student excel. Now, having an established back-to-school routine will be more important than ever.

From wakeup habits and favorite breakfast treats to study zones and regular bedtime rituals, stick with a routine that helps you feel your best. Getting back to regular habits through the summer will help you ease back into school. Don't forget to build in time for fun and recognize if you need a break to relax, too.

2. Share Your Concerns and Questions With a Teacher or Counselor/h4>

Our faculty members are here to provide the support and care you need. We're your advocates and allies. If you're feeling overwhelmed or have any concerns as you return to school, we are in your corner. Whether you're daunted by your workload or simply feeling anxious about readjusting to campus life, you can share openly and honestly with your teachers.

3. Stay Flexible

We understand that flexibility is easier said than done! However, we're all sharing the same boat. Everyone is learning and working together to adapt in order to create a safe, supportive space for our community. Keep in mind that things may change quickly, which will make positivity and a flexible mindset your greatest assets.

4. Find Ways to Connect With Friends

While safety should always come first, there are plenty of ways to connect with friends in a physcially-distanced way. As we prepare to return to school, we're always looking to create opportunities for connection.

Throughout the summer, we encourage you to make an effort and reach out to other students. From virtual game nights over Zoom to online movie nights, this is the time to get creative! You can even take an old-fashioned route and spend time writing letters, postcards, or sending surprise gifts in the mail to your friends.

5. Practice Good Hygiene Habits

Now's the time to build strong hygiene habits that will feel like second nature by the time the fall semester begins. While we'll have strict measures in place to ensure safety and sanitization, you can do your part by practicing washing your hands and avoiding touching your face.

Reach Out to Our Admissions Team With Any Questions

Do you have any questions or concerns about returning to school after COVID-19? We'd love to help! 

Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more. If you're not currently part of the Hun School community but are interested in taking the next step to discover more, please inquire today!

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