Boarding, Campus Life, and Dining

We are committed to providing a holistic, supportive, and joyful boarding experience for our students, while implementing all necessary precautions to protect their health. Measures include a reduced-density dormitory environment, staged move-in and quarantine measures, separate quarantine and isolation spaces (should they be needed), and distance learning support for those unable to return immediately. Boarding rooms are treated as a family environment, and masks are not required. 

Staged Return and Quarantine

  • Students and faculty returned to campus in stages this summer and again in January, to allow for proper quarantining, testing, and safety procedures. 
  • Any boarding student with a delayed return from a “high risk area” will quarantine on campus from the date of arrival. 
  • Day and boarding faculty, staff, and students are asked to limit travel and unnecessary risk ten days prior to campus arrival, and observe all local laws and guidelines. 
  • Students, faculty, and staff are tested periodically or as circumstances warrant.
  • Students will have single occupancy rooms until the completion of their quarantine. 

on campus and subsequent travel

For the sake of our resident community, it will be necessary to insulate each boarder from unnecessary exposure to possible infection resulting from off-campus travel and contacts. For this reason, once cleared, all boarders will be asked to remain with us on campus and not travel on weekends from their first arrival until the beginning of Thanksgiving Break, then again from their arrival in January until the Spring Break. Dorms will close to the general boarding population from Thanksgiving Break until the end of Winter Break, opening at that time fora staged return. Boarding students will attend classes virtually during the three academic weeks between the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks, and during their returning quarantine period in January. Or, alternatively, they may choose to continue attending school on campus by commuting as day students.  

  • Boarding students will remain with us on campus and not travel on weekends from arrival until the following Thanksgiving or spring break, respectively. Applications can be made for extenuating circumstances. 
  • Boarding parents may arrange visits; there is a designated lounge for this purpose.
  • Most students have double occupancy rooms. Roommates "pod" together and can remove their masks while in their rooms.
  • Boarders attend classes in-person every other day and attend classes from their rooms on their virtual learning days.
  • Boarders are permitted to participate in some campus activities on their virtual days.
  • Lunch is delivered to student rooms on their virtual days.

Although we ask that boarders return home or to the care of a guardian during school breaks, we understand that this may at times be impossible due to travel restrictions, visa problems, or other factors. In such cases, they will be offered accommodation in our dorms (though without the full programming and activities usually provided). 

Similarly, some boarders may not travel to campus at the beginning of the year or after a school break, either by choice or because it is not possible to do so. Please be assured that these students will be able to participate fully in School life for as long as necessary through the virtual program. When their absence is brought about by factors beyond their control, such as visa or travel restrictions, they will be eligible for a discount in their boarding fees.

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Date: Jul 30, 2020 

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If you would like to change your academic status to Virtual Learning or Blended Learning, please contact Steve Bristol and provide the anticipated duration of the change.



Please notify us of your travel plans, visa status, and anticipated arrival by contacting Steve Bristol. This form may be completed more than once if your plans change. 


Move-in Day

In order to maintain physical distancing, move-in day and registration for boarding students are structured differently than in previous years. Please complete the form above and the Resident Life Office will communicate additional details regarding your arrival. 

International Students 

We know that international students face a variety of unique challenges, and we will meet their needs with all the care and flexibility necessary to provide the enrichment and joy of the full Hun experience. We understand that travel may be restricted. We will work with you around your arrival and support you academically until you are able to return to in-person classes. Boarding students prevented from traveling to campus initially or who may need to quarantine on campus upon arrival, will have full access to a virtual learning model for as long as necessary. Within that model, they will have the same teachers and classes that they will have upon reentry. 

Health and Safety on Campus

While masks and facial coverings are required for day students and while in class, boarders “pod” with their roommates, allowing for relaxed protocols “at home.” Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center are conducting on-campus health screenings of all Hun students and staff each weekday. The screening consists of body temperature check, symptom check, and visual assessment. Hun nursing staff perform similar assessments of the resident students on weekends. We have the ability to both quarantine or isolate students as needed, along with a full medical staff. For more information about enhanced health services, hygiene protocols, and custodial efforts, please see Health, Safety, and Physical Campus.


The Hun School will provide meals for boarding and day students throughout the year. Students and faculty are prompted to pre-order lunches each week using a Dining Hall form. Boarders attend breakfast and dinner in the Dining Hall. 

  • Dinner and Breakfast in the dining hall is restricted to the resident community and served in two groups, to maintain full physical distancing.
  • Grab-and-go and pre-order items are available for everyone (day students included) at the PA Café in the Global Commons, each day for breakfast (free), in the afternoons, and on the weekends.
  • Lunch is ordered via app and delivered to advisory each day. Boarders learning virtually will have meals delivered to their rooms.
  • The Hun School will discontinue self-serve food for the foreseeable future and offer pre-packaged or served items, exclusively.
  • Students may not share food, beverages, or snacks for the foreseeable future. 

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