Classes and activities are offered in a Blended Learning Model this academic year. Faculty and staff come to campus every day, but students are organized into two academic teams whose names -- Scientiam and Honorem -- are taken from our Latin motto, Quaerite Scientiam et Honorem, meaning to Seek Knowledge and Honor. 

A virtue of our approach is that classes are available to students every day, either in person or online. Full-time distance learning is available at all times for students who cannot return to campus initially; who request virtual accommodations for high-risk medical conditions or other reasons; those under quarantine or who become ill. And, though we are determined to hold school on campus every day, the flexibility of our blended model will enable us to transition to a fully virtual format instantly and with no loss of continuity if required by conditions beyond our control.

Blended Learning Schedule

  • Students attend classes and activities in-person on alternating days, according to their designated team, and attend classes remotely on alternating days. View the Academic Team Rotation Calendar.

  • We continue to observe an eight-day class rotation, beginning each day at 8:25 a.m. in the Upper School and 8:30 a.m. in the Middle School. Therefore, students attend classes in-person three days on one week and two the following week, before the cycle repeats.

  • Our Blended Learning Model reduces classroom and campus density by only having half the student population on campus at a time.

  • Students learning virtually are in the same classes as their counterparts on campus.

  • Faculty are on campus daily and facilitate in-person and distance construction concurrently, with the help of OWL 360 degree cameras and Zoom software.

  • Siblings, regardless of division or grade level, are assigned to the same academic team.

  • Students are enrolled in their traditional academic classes including their elective choices, able to engage with classmates in-person and virtually, and follow the same class rotation regardless of whether they attend classes in person, virtually, or need to alternate between the two.

  • The daily schedule has slightly modified rotation blocks to accommodate cleaning and technology transitions.

  • Assemblies, class meetings, and larger student gatherings are held virtually or outside to ensure student safety, using physically distant advisory groups of no more than ten students plus an advisor.

  • Free-period locations are assigned in order to ensure balanced use of our larger spaces and physical distancing procedures.

  • In a departure from our normal expectations, students are encouraged to leave campus as soon as their commitments end because supervision and campus accommodations will be limited.  

  • If a faculty member becomes unable to attend in-person classes, his or her classes may be taught remotely. We will do our best to minimize this disruption.

Every one of our teachers is engaged in intensive professional development, making a special effort to create the most “vigorous and joyful” academic experience anywhere. Classes include Harkness discussions and enlivening hands-on activities for students in both the live and virtual formats. Our technological resources will allow our teachers to engage students who are in the physical classroom while simultaneously connecting them with their classmates a world (or a city) away. 

Hun Zoom webinar on demand

Topic: Hun Parent Virtual Meeting: Academics and Student Life
Date: Jul 29, 2020 06:43 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Click below to view the Blended Learning Schedules and Academic Rotations for each division, or view and subscribe to the calendar.




If you would like to change your academic status to Virtual Learning or Blended Learning, please contact Steve Bristol and provide the anticipated duration of the change. Student who elect to go virtual should plan to do so for one month or more, unless that change is medical in nature.



Please notify us of your travel plans, visa status, and anticipated arrival by contacting Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Steve Bristol. This form may be completed more than once if your plans change. 


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