Back to School Checklist

If you've read through the Back to School Information and are wondering, "What are the absolute must-do items before the start of school?" You're in the right place. We've compiled a list of the forms you need to fill out, books and apps you need to purchase, and information you need to be prepared for the first day of classes (that's Sept. 5th, by the way). 

Just make sure you've already read through the Back to School Information page.

Complete the Health Forms

View and Pay Your invoices

Invoices can be found on the temporary parent portal.

update your contact information

You can update your contact information in the temporary parent portal.

register for pre-season

Students interested in playing fall sports can register to attend a pre-season camp for their sport. Boarding students are permitted to move into the dorms during pre-season camps.

Register for Pre-Season athletics

Students interested in theatre have the option of registering for a pre-season theatre camp. This camp is optional, and boarding students are permitted to move into the dorms during the camp.

Register for Pre-Season Theatre

Complete the transportation form

B6T Transportation form

New Jersey law states that if a school district provides bus transportation for public school students, it must also provide this service to independent school students if the home to school distance is at least two (2) miles and not more than twenty (20) miles. The school district may opt to make direct compensatory payments to a family in lieu of providing transportation. In order to apply for transportation or reimbursement:

  • You must be a New Jersey resident, and your child must be enrolled as a day student at The Hun School.
  • To ensure bussing for all students who need it, and even if you will not require transportation, a B6T Transportation Form must be completed and returned to The Hun School.
  • Be sure to print, complete, and return the B6T form to: The Hun School of Princeton Attention Transportation Coordinator 176 Edgerstoune Road Princeton, NJ 08540

More information is available on the Back to School Information page.

B6T Transportation form

Upper School Parking Form (for students who will drive themselves)

If your student will drive themselves to campus this year, please complete the Day Student Parking Form.

Download the Books and Apps lists