Postgraduate (PG) Year at Hun

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Considering a Gap Year?

Gap years are becoming increasingly popular among high school seniors. Many students come to recognize that they may not be adequately prepared for the academic, athletic, or social pressures of college. Others opt for a gap year for the opportunity to perform service projects, pursue a particular passion, or improve in an area of concentration before attending college. If you are considering delaying your college application or attendance, consider The Hun School’s Postgraduate Program.

What is the Post-High School Graduate Program at Hun?

An Academic-Focused Alternative

A postgraduate year is an academically minded gap year that offers students an opportunity to strengthen their candidacies for admission and potential for success in college.

Hun postgraduates are full-time boarding school students and members of the senior class. They take full course loads and participate in activities, athletics, extracurriculars, and social events. The program is designed to help them prepare for college, socially, emotionally, and academically.

Benefits of a Postgraduate Year

  • Get ahead by taking extra classes
  • Further develop skills such as academic skills, athletic skills, language skills, etc.
  • Personal growth through independent, on-campus boarding
  • Preparation for college through academics and independent living


What You May Study/ Do in Your Post-High School Graduate Year

FAQs About The Hun School's Postgraduate Program

Learn More About Hun Today

If you’re interested in exploring a gap year at The Hun School of Princeton, contact our Admissions Counselors to learn more about our programs and community. Our admissions process includes a campus visit and interview. If a visit to our Princeton campus is not feasible, accommodations can be made for Skype interviews.

To schedule a visit to our campus, contact our Admissions team today at (609) 921-7600 or

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