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Hun School Recognizes Distinguished Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Three accomplished graduates of The Hun School of Princeton were honored with the prestigious Distinguished Alumnus Award at a ceremony on April 28th. Part of Alumni Weekend 2017, the Alumni Recognition Ceremony also honored three new inductees to the School’s Athletic Hall of Fame.
With these awards, The Hun School recognizes and honors the accomplishments of individuals who have contributed significantly to the School’s tradition of academic excellence, athletics, and leadership. Their successes and contributions demonstrate values Hun faculty and coaches continue to instill in our students.

Alumni Recognition Ceremony
2017 Distinguished Alumni
Aubrey Kwok Sing Li ’67 (in absentia), Chair, IAM Legacy; Chair, Advisory Board, MCL Financial Group.  
Mr. Li could not attend. However, he sent a video message from his home in Hong Kong. Headmaster Jonathan Brougham read an excerpt from Mr. Li’s 1967 Valedictory speech. 
“I have found that in an international community such as Hun, people from ten countries can live, work and learn together in close harmony. [Today, Hun students come from thirty-four countries.]...Despite differences ranging from our religious and political viewpoints to our sense of humor, many of us have ideals and principles in common. For instance, we all recognize the enduring virtues of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and sincerity, the five virtues of the Chinese first expounded by Confucius. The fact that (we) can co-exist in our small-scale United Nations is an inspiration that leads us to hope that peace can be possible in this war-torn and troubled world.”
Nicholas R. Scozzari ’77, Vice President, Scozzari Builders, Inc.
“I’m deeply honored. I’d like to thank my mother, who is not here with us today, and my father, who had the wisdom and the forethought to send me to this institution. What really is important about The Hun School is that the faculty, staff, and administration search out characteristics that are almost intangible in students. When they find them, they nurture you, they watch you progress, they watch you grow, and those lessons run throughout your life.”
Andrew Monfried ’87, Founder, CEO, Lotame
“I want to start with a word called gratitude, which means thank you, and sincere appreciation. I came to Hun because I went to a public school that didn’t get me, that missed me, that I didn’t connect with.
"My grandfather, a dairy farmer, paid for me to go here, and education is by far the greatest gift you can give another. He drove every evening....to pick me up, and during those drives, I learned to communicate with him. When (former Hun teacher) Bill Stout, who lived in the town near me, drove me home, it forced me to communicate in a way I never had before. Also, there was a gentleman named (Former Hun custodian) Jake Jacobs. My parents were going through a divorce, and every day, I would talk to Jake while he (waxed) his car and I waited to be picked up.
The friends I made here, the connections I made, gave me the confidence to be who I am. The most important attribute I learned at Hun was self-awareness, understanding how others view you. . . I recently agreed to become much more involved in the Hun School, and I am going to make sure the School achieves its objectives. What Hun did for me, I can’t repay.”
2017 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees
James Craig Stretch Jr. ’67, 1966 New Jersey State Wrestling Champion, Hun Crew & Football
“I met distinguished men, teachers, and students at Hun. They included Headmaster Paul Chesebro, Dean Sandy Bing, and Assistant Headmaster Ron MacLeod, who was like a second parent. It’s very easy to appreciate all the efforts of the distinguished people that I met here. Their desire to train and develop us, a diverse community of people with completely different personalities, they made the efforts to improve us and make us better.  
"I really deeply appreciate this honor. . . but as they do in the NFL, I stop and take time to remember it’s the guy upstairs who is in charge that makes it all possible.
Joanne T. Deni ’97, NCAA Championship teams in lacrosse and soccer, The College of New Jersey
“I am head varsity girls’ lacrosse coach at Hoboken High School. When I started coaching, the girls there had never played the sport before and had never heard of it. They come from low-income households with struggles I have never had to deal with in my daily life. . .  I have learned that when you give a girl a pair of cleats, you are giving her a team and teaching her how to be a teammate. These teammates will teach her how to win and how to lose. You’re giving her team practices that instill discipline, dedication, and commitment, and that her presence is important and that people are relying on her. I hope. . . these girls will look back at their high school athletic careers and at their cleats, as I have, and realize how much they have learned about life.
"What an honor it is to receive this award from one of my favorite chapters in my life.”
Morgan Battle ’97, Lacrosse, Bianchi Division winner, a Lafayette College top scorer
“In considering this night, I find myself wondering, what is this really all about? Is it memory lane and glory days? No, it’s not. Think back on your own lives, what stands out? Is it the event itself, or the context that made those moments meaningful?...All of our remembrances in this room will be distinct and different and personal, but the commonality is you never forget the people, how they made us feel and what they taught us. . .
"Every journey around an event is as significant as the event itself. And at the heart of those journeys is a community of people who helped and guided you and made that experience what it was. Our greatest gratitude tonight should be given to Hun and the role it played in preparing us for life in college and beyond.” 

Biographies - 2017 Distinguished Alumni 

Aubrey Kwok Sing Li ’67

Aubrey Kwok Sing Li, Class of 1967, was born and raised in Hong Kong. He arrived at The Hun School in 1965 as a junior. He was a resident proctor, a member of the French Club and Cum Laude Society, captain of the soccer team in his senior year, and a member of the tennis team. At graduation, Mr. Li was the valedictorian, recipient of the Math Prize, and awarded the John Gale Hun Scholarship which is awarded to the senior with the highest academic average.

Following graduation, Mr. Li earned a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Brown University in 1971, and an MBA from Columbia University in 1973, concentrating in marketing and finance. He has been involved in merchant and commercial banking in the Asian and international financial markets for over forty years.

Mr. Li’s career started on Wall Street when he joined Chemical Bank in 1973. He was posted to the bank’s merchant banking subsidiary in London in 1978, where he was responsible for debt origination in Eastern Europe, and then to Hong Kong in 1980, where he was chief credit officer of Asia mid-market lending.

In 1982, Mr. Li joined a start-up venture between U.K. merchant bank S. G. Warburg and a local bank, Bank of East Asia, as an executive director. He became managing director in 1989 when the business became wholly owned by Warburg. During this period, he was responsible for advising on a number of fundraising and mergers and acquisition transactions involving major Hong Kong companies. Perhaps more significantly, he was deeply involved with some of the first restructurings of major Mainland Chinese state enterprises and their IPOs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, marking the opening of the so-called “H share” sector of the market.

In 1996, following the take-over of the Warburg group by Swiss Bank Corporation, Mr. Li moved to N M Rothschild & Sons as their managing director for Greater China, where he led the development of Rothschild’s business into China.

In 1999, Mr. Li founded a boutique investment firm which has since evolved into two firms. Stepping back from operational management, he remains chairman of IAM Legacy, a private wealth management business, and chairman of the Advisory Board of MCL Financial Group, a specialist investment management business. He also sits on a number of boards of publicly listed companies.

Currently Mr. Li is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College, the oldest college in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also sits on the Council of the Chinese University, its Investment Committee, and Investment Sub-committee. In addition, he is a director of the Sinological Development Charitable Foundation, a charity founded by his wife to promote the better understanding internationally of Chinese culture.

Mr. Li resides in Hong Kong and is a frequent visitor to London, where his wife, Elizabeth, is a research fellow at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London. They have two daughters: Vanessa, the mother of two young sons and a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Adelphi University; and Laura, who is a public relations consultant in Hong Kong.

Through his generosity to The Hun School community, and as a successful businessman, Mr. Li represents so very well the principles of our School; academic excellence, commitment, trust, respect, integrity, and kindness; as he demonstrates in his daily life the value and importance of education.

“Hun was the bridge that led me from the East to the West. The school will always occupy a special place in my heart for all the things it taught me to prepare me for the road ahead.”

Nicholas R. Scozzari '77

Nicholas R. Scozzari entered The Hun School of Princeton as a freshman day student in the fall of 1973. He completed four successful academic years while playing football and lacrosse, and working part-time in the family-owned construction business.

Mr. Scozzari proudly started in the family construction business at the age of 15, working during school vacations. After graduating from The Hun School in 1977, Mr. Scozzari quickly developed a passion for the construction industry and decided to make it a lifelong career.

Scozzari Builders is a fourth-generation construction business based in Ewing, New Jersey, that builds community. The company renovates and constructs both existing and new structures, including commercial buildings, medical facilities, educational institutions and houses of worship in the public and private sectors.

Mr. Scozzari’s first project management assignment was the complete historic restoration of Drumthwacket, the official residence of the Governor of the State of New Jersey. The project was completed in one year, with a budget of $1.5 million. Mr. Scozzari then coordinated and managed another major project - Phase I of the historic restoration of the New Jersey State House and State House Annex, with a project value of $1.5 million.

Over the course of the next thirty-plus years, Mr. Scozzari has been responsible for extensive coordinating and managing of a multitude of construction projects, including the erection of new schools, numerous complex school additions, and the intricate renovations of industrial, retail and institutional facilities. As vice president of Scozzari Builders, Inc., Mr. Scozzari is directly responsible for quality control. He is accountable for all aspects of hiring and distribution of manpower, subcontractor coordination, and maintaining rigid project schedules.

At The Hun School, Mr. Scozzari, and Scozzari Builders, has been involved in many significant projects over the years. They have built extensive and impressive additions to the library and the academic center, as well as attractive extensions to the dining hall, extensive kitchen renovations, and the complete impressive renovation of The Landis Fine Arts Building. Most recently, Mr. Scozzari coordinated and managed the complete renovation and significant expansion of the Alexander K. Buck ’49 building which houses the Middle School, including science labs, a dance studio, modernization of classrooms and state-of-the-art educational technologies.

Mr. Scozzari currently serves on the Board of Trustees for The Bridge Academy of New Jersey, as well as The Hun School Alumni Board. Mr. Scozzari was the recipient of the Meritorious Service award in 2003. He was recently recognized by The Hun School for having served more than two decades as a dedicated member of the Alumni Board and Board of Trustees. He has served as past chair of the Hun Fund, and president and vice president of the Alumni Board. He has participated as a Career Day speaker, and generously shared his invaluable experiences of the construction business with Hun students. He remains actively involved as a reunion ambassador and volunteer.

Mr. Scozzari and his wife, Susan, have been married for thirty-three years. They have two children, Nicholas, 29 and Gia, 25. They raised their family and reside in their hometown of Lawrenceville, New Jersey. 

Andrew Monfried ’87

Andrew Monfried, Class of 1987, was born in Amityville, New York, and raised in East Brunswick, New Jersey. He arrived at The Hun School in 1983 and took a great interest in what the School had to offer, academically and athletically, through football, basketball and baseball.

In 1987, Mr. Monfried graduated from The Hun School and attended the University of Bridgeport, where he majored in political science. After graduation, he moved to San Diego, California and began his career at Norwest Financial. After a few years working for the bank, he moved back to the East Coast with Ikon Office Solutions, where he helped open their flagship office in New York City and was one of the top salespeople at the company for five straight years. From there, Mr. Monfried became a very early employee at Advertising.com, where he helped two brothers start the company. He opened their New York office and was able to grow the office to over $100 million in revenue in four years.

CEO, President, and Co-Founder Scott Ferber of Advertising.com had this to say about Mr. Monfried: “Andy is a natural born leader. He commands presence, and people want to follow him. His strategic insight is uncanny. He bats 1,000 on all market, customer, and people ideas he has ever brought to my attention. No one I have ever worked with has been this accurate in their understanding of such complex and difficult issues.”

The success Mr. Monfried and the company realized eventually led to a sale to AOL in 2004 for $435 million dollars. Mr. Monfried stayed on with AOL for a few years before leaving to put his entrepreneurial energy towards starting his own business. In 2006, Andy launched Lotame, a data management platform that is used by brands and agencies to build more meaningful connections with consumers through the intelligent use of data.
Under his leadership, Lotame has raised $65 million dollars and grown into a 100+ person company with offices in the U.S., EU and APAC. Within the last ten years, Lotame has evolved into the leading independent data management platform supporting over 200 clients, including IBM, Hearst, WebMD, Vizio, The BBC, and Starcom Media Group.

Mr. Monfried sits on several boards, including companies founded by former Lotame employees. He is a big believer in relationship building and cultivation, a skill and passion that was developed and fostered at The Hun School. Because of this, he has employed, advised and mentored numerous Hun alumni. Mr. Monfried returned to The Hun School as the keynote speaker for Career Day in 2009.

About his formative years at Hun, Mr. Monfried says, “Hun had a huge impact on me personally and professionally. The environment was incredibly well-suited to my personality and allowed me to flourish where the public school I was in did not. The lessons and relationships were so personal, and it was clear the School cared about me and my success.”

Mr. Monfried currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and 15-year-old twin daughters. 
Biographies - 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

James Craig Stretch '67

James Craig Stretch Jr. graduated from The Hun School in 1967. He was an active member of the community academically and athletically, business manager for the Edgerstounian, and worked on set design and construction for the drama department. He is best known at the School as a wrestler and as a 1966 New Jersey State Wrestling Champion. He was also the Penn Jersey Champion in 1965 and 1966, and the runner-up in the 1965 New Jersey State Championship.

Mr. Stretch was also a member of the crew and football teams. In 1965, the crew team finished second in the Stotesbury Cup in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. In addition, Mr. Stretch is a member of The Hun School’s 33 Club, so named for the streak of wins in football from 1966 through 1971. Mr. Stretch is an eight-time letter winner in wrestling, crew, and football.

After graduation, Mr. Stretch continued wrestling at Cornell University, where he was also a right guard for the Ithaca Chiefs football team from 1968-1970. He graduated from Cornell in 1971. He was founder of Croquet at Merion Cricket Club, and played squash for more than thirty years. Mr. Stretch was a commissioner and director of Lower Merion soccer for fourteen years, Gladwyne baseball for eight years, and was the organizer and coach of the first Lower Merion Township Middle School lacrosse team, with an undefeated record of 26-0.

Mr. Stretch is the founder and coach of Penn Star Lacrosse, the teams that brought national attention to Philadelphia lacrosse. Penn Star produced twenty-four players on the field at the final four NCAA Lacrosse Championship held in Philadelphia in 2003. Penn Star holds three upstate New York titles, three Core States championships, and has had numerous victories in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Jersey.

Mr. Stretch is the founder and chairman of the Philadelphia Men’s Garden Club for twenty-seven years. The MGC is the holder of more than forty awards including twenty-seven blue ribbon entries in the Philadelphia Flower Show. He was also founding member of the Evening Associates for the Philadelphia Orchestra, charged with recruiting interest in the orchestra among the young professionals in the tri-state area. He is also the captain and co-chairman of the Trophy Committee for the Devon Horse Show, benefiting Bryn Mawr Hospital.

“My four years at The Hun School truly changed my life. I remember best the efforts of a great coach, athletic director and teacher, Hawley C. Waterman, the educator who turned lives in the best directions. I see the many teachers and coaches, who were mentors, as the driving force of The Hun School education. I know it is my fellow students, players, friends, and their families that made Hun the key to my success.”

Mr. Stretch is the senior property executive at Main Line Health in Philadelphia, and is also the chief executive officer of Stretch System. He and his wife, Pauline, have been married for forty-five years and reside in Pennsylvania. They have two sons, Jamie and David, and three grandsons, Lucas, William, and Thomas. He is an avid sailor, hunter, and fisherman. 

Morgan Battle ’97

Morgan Battle ’97 arrived at the Hun School in the fall of ’94 following his freshman year at Princeton High School. Over the course of his three years, he earned a total of nine varsity letters in football, hockey and lacrosse, before attending and playing collegiate lacrosse at Lafayette College.

While at Hun, he was a two-time All-State selection in Football, earning 1st team honors in his senior year. He was a member of the Prep-A State Championship team in 1996 and was selected to play in the Mercer County All-Star game in the summer following graduation. As a three-year starter in hockey, his senior year he captained the first team in school history to win both the Mercer County title and the Prep-B State title in the same year, a feat not to be repeated for another fifteen years. That year, he earned 1st team All-County and 2nd team All-State honors. Mr. Battle was also one of only four local players to be chosen to play in the NJ State All-Star game, which included all public and private schools in the state. In lacrosse, he was a member of the 1997 team that won the Bianchi Division title, scoring the winning goal in overtime. He was a three-time All-Area selection, earning 1st Team honors his senior year, 2nd team All-State, two-time 1st team All-Bianchi Division and was selected to play in the New Jersey State All-Star game.

Following graduation, Mr. Battle went on to Lafayette College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2001. During Mr. Battle’s lacrosse career at Lafayette, he finished as one of the top scorers in school history. In 1999, he became one of only two players in school history to lead the Patriot League in scoring, earning 1st Team All-Patriot League honors in the process. He finished the ’99 season 9th in all of Division 1 in goals, 11th in all of Division 1 in points, and was the 2nd leading sophomore in the country in goals and points respectively. He finished his 2001 campaign as the 6th leading scorer in the Patriot league.

After Lafayette, Mr. Battle moved to New York City and began a career in media where he worked at Fox Sports. He soon met his wife, Brooke, and after several years together in the city, decided to move back to Princeton, New Jersey, and join the investment banking/strategic advising firm, Tucker Capital, which focuses almost exclusively on the education market. He works with brands such as National Geographic, PBS, and Northeastern University.

He currently resides in Princeton with his wife and two beautiful children, Harrison and Palmer, who are the lights of his life. He enjoys chasing them around the hockey rink, taking them on nature walks, and exploring new adventures with their grandparents. He still misses his dog Wilson, the best friend he could have ever asked for.

Mr. Battle stated, “I will forever be grateful to the Hun community for modeling what it means to work hard and engage in your passions. The lessons learned have grounded my life, both personally and professionally.” 

Joanne T. Deni '98

Joanne Theresa Deni began her high school career at The Hun School as a freshman in the fall of 1993. Ms. Deni was actively involved in the school community in all areas of campus life. She served many hours of community service and was a peer leader, all while playing soccer and lacrosse for four years at the varsity level.

Ms. Deni captained both the soccer and lacrosse teams her junior and senior years; with the lacrosse team winning state championships both years. Ms. Deni received the MVP award for lacrosse in her sophomore, junior and senior years. She was named Best Attack Player for the team all four years, and at graduation held the school record of 200 goals. Ms. Deni also received recognition for both sports as she was named to the New Jersey All-Conference, All-Area and All-State Teams.

After graduating from The Hun School, Ms. Deni knew she wanted to continue to play both sports in college. She had numerous offers from top programs all over the country but not many schools were keen on allowing her to play both sports. Ms. Deni grew up watching the college powerhouse soccer and lacrosse programs at The College of New Jersey and decided to follow suit, where she would be allowed to participate on two NCAA National Championship teams. While at TCNJ, during her freshman year, Ms. Deni won a NCAA National Championship in lacrosse. Then after four consecutive years in the NCAA tournament for soccer, as a captain, her senior year she helped lead the team to a hard-fought NCAA National Championship victory. Not many individuals can say they earned National Championships honors in two different sports.

Upon graduating from TCNJ with a major in health and physical education/exercise science, Ms. Deni embarked on her first teaching job at Bernards High School in Bernardsville, New Jersey, where she was also the varsity soccer and lacrosse coach. She continued to teach and coach at Bernards for five years while receiving her master’s degree in community health education at New Jersey City University. With a residential move to Hoboken, New Jersey, Ms. Deni took the position of a health and physical education teacher at Hoboken High School, where she also coached varsity girls’ soccer. The school did not have a lacrosse program, nor did any school in Hudson County. It took a while, but last year Ms. Deni was able to start up a lacrosse program at Hoboken High School and is now taking the team to varsity status for the 2017 season. The first team in Hudson County is at Hoboken High School coached by Ms. Joanne Deni.

Ms. Deni is employed part time at Crossfit Hoboken. She has been an active competitor in the sport for the past eight years. She enjoys helping adults learn the new sport of fitness while also motivating them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ms. Deni enjoys spending her summers at her parents’ beach house at Long Beach Island, where she also gets to spend time with her brother, Bill Deni Jr., and his family. Ms. Deni enjoys being an aunt to Bill’s three beautiful children, Siena, 3; and twins Luca and Olivia, 2. 
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