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Test Prep is All Fun and Games in Hun Middle School

Middle School Students in Megan Skelly’s Algebra 1 classes have an unusual way of preparing for tests. Earlier this week, Ms. Skelly asked her students to design and build board games that incorporated the properties of inequalities. In small groups, they designed the game board, pieces, and directions for an original game.  
“The only real parameters they had were to incorporate fifteen playing cards for each group member,” explained Ms. Skelly. “The cards had to include a combination of student-created Linear, Compound, and Absolute Value inequalities, with a few word problems thrown in.”
Once solved, the range of solutions would give the player a choice of possible moves on the board (i.e. if the solution was -2<x<2, the player could either move backwards 1 space (-1), stay in place (0) or move forward 1 space(+1)). A few groups incorporated "bonus prize" spaces, giving one another the opportunity to earn money along their journey. 
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