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Hun Class of 2024

Congratulations to The Hun School’s Class of 2024 on completing their coursework and graduating The Hun Middle School. Students attended their final classes and activities this week, including a virtual awards assembly and talent show. The young Raiders will matriculate to the Hun Upper School this fall, but not before enjoying a traditional in-person graduation ceremony the day before classes begin again.

The following Middle School students were recognized at Wednesday’s closing assembly.

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Show Us The Way: The Hun Middle School Launches “The Hun Way” to Acculturate Students

“Students who are intentionally introduced to their own emotional intelligence during adolescence are shown to have better relationships, coping skills, and academic success throughout life,” explains Mr. Weinstein. “They are better equipped to recognize and manage their own emotions and develop communication and leadership skills that advance them academically and socially in profound ways.”

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boys in Hun Summer Session

What have attracted students are courses that they can use to accelerate their education, all taught by a dedicated and consistent teaching staff. A diverse assortment of motivated students from area schools are signing up for courses in Summer Session that offer course credit or prepare for a placement test that would allow them to test out of a course for the following school year.

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