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Middle School

New Jersey's Premier Private Middle School

The cherished Hun School principles of academic excellence, integrity, kindness, respect, and trust are integrated in all aspects of our program.

Hun Middle School students are enthusiastic, curious, active, and eager to explore the world and to find their place within it. The Hun Middle School fosters a close-knit community where 100 students in grades 6–8 engage fully in the learning process, grow as unique individuals, and celebrate one another’s successes.

A traditional preparatory curriculum is balanced by hands-on, project-based learning that makes each day a journey of intellectual adventure and personal growth. A rich array of arts, activities, and athletics builds well-rounded students, with the capacity to blend joyful living with a successful educational experience. Our private middle school gives students the opportunity to find new passions through both academics and extra curricular activities.

The Hun Middle School has helped generations of students to thrive academically and personally. Students are well-prepared for the challenges of Upper School, where they continue to receive support and preparation for college, and life beyond.

Why Choose a Private Middle School?

Middle School

Choosing a middle schooler's educational experience is an exciting and challenging decision. Your student needs a place where they can thrive academically and build on the skills they began learning in elementary school. It's also essential that this environment offers an uplifting and encouraging experience that will make your child excited to pursue their future education in our Upper School and throughout their college career. It is the latter that sets The Hun Middle School, located in Princeton, New Jersey, apart.   

From academic enrichment to a feeling of community, parents choose to send their middle schoolers to our private Princeton Middle School for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some of the many benefits our Middle School students enjoy:

  • A learning community with a focus on positive psychology, contemporary wellness initiatives, and balance.
  • Opportunities for academic growth;
  • Small class sizes and one-on-one educational opportunities that encourage personalized, student-led learning;
  • Support in a connected, hand-selected community of teachers, mentors, and peers;
  • Participation requirements combined with a wide array of extracurricular opportunities, clubs, visual and performing arts, and athletic programs;
  • A brand new state-of-the-art learning environment;
  • Harkness-style humanities classes, where every student participates in the discussion;

Hun Middle School Students Learn and Lead

"Coming from a public middle school, the kids from the Hun Middle School made me feel very welcome. In return, one of the nice things I did was that I dedicated some of my extra time after school to help fellow classmates in the peer tutoring center."

McGwire T. '19

What to Expect From the Hun Middle School

At our private Princeton, NJ middle school, we channel the energy and passion of our students into each of our traditional and unconventional learning activities.

Through our unique approach to education, middle schoolers will create their own learning experiences, which they'll take with them long into the future as they grow together and independently.

Because our typical class size is 13 students, our faculty can work meaningfully with each student to discover their unique gifts and encourage their continued growth.


science class

Through opportunities such as advisory groups, guided self-assessments, and our after-school Learning Lab — where students can do their homework alongside a teacher — middle schoolers can continue to develop skills, self-awareness, and meaningful relationships with students and faculty outside the classroom. Not only will they grow academically, but they'll also be enriched emotionally and mentally as they build lasting personal connections with caring mentors and peers.

Our Middle School Curriculum

MS boys in class

The Middle School curriculum is designed to help students build on their previous education and experiences, while developing the skills and knowledge they'll need to thrive in the Upper School and beyond.

Throughout sixth grade, students are eased into Middle School with challenging and exciting classes that encourage independent learning. Beyond English, social studies, science, and pre-algebra, we offer yearly electives to develop students' skills and interests. All sixth graders take a language, music theory course, performing and visual arts classes, as well as a Study Strategies course to identify their individual learning styles and advance their study skills.

Students in seventh grade build on existing skills while encountering new independence, mastering time management techniques and problem-solving challenges.  Along with math, science, history and English, seventh graders take a language, health class, technology elective, and a performing and visual arts class.

Finally, eighth graders develop their critical thinking skills with classes and activities that extend beyond the classroom. Our English, geography, science and algebra classes prepare students with the skills they need for success in high school. They'll also take a language class, health class, and performing and visual arts class, as well as other electives.

Visit Hun Today

If you're interested in exploring everything the Hun Middle School has to offer your child, we invite you to visit us today and take a tour of the school. Contact us at (609) 921-7600 or admiss@hunschool.org to get started. Then, fill out our inquiry form to help us get to know you better.

We look forward to hearing from you and giving you a first-hand look at the unique learning opportunities of our New Jersey private school.