2022-23 Day Student Parking Form


Please note: Only submit this form if your child will be driving themselves to school this year. All fields should be filled out, including all requested information about the car your student will be driving.

Students who wish to drive their or their family’s automobile to and from The Hun School may do so, provided the following school regulations are observed:

  • Each and every automobile used by the student must be registered with the Director of Safety and Security. If you will be driving more than one car to school, each car must be registered. (You may submit this form more than once.)
  • Upon arrival at school, the student will park his or her automobile in his or her assigned parking area, lock the doors, and leave the car there until the end of the academic day.
  • Student automobiles and the entire student parking area are “off limits” during the school day and may not be used for lounging, conversation, smoking, listening to music, etc. Automobiles are for transportation only.
  • Students must observe local speed limits and exercise good driving habits on the School campus and in the neighboring area. The speed limit is 25 M.P.H. on Edgerstoune, Russell and Winant Roads. The campus speed limit is 10 M.P.H.
  • Students must apply for driving and parking permission each school year.

Failure to observe the above regulations may result in disciplinary action. Please be aware of the State of NJ and/or PA laws regarding new drivers. The School retains the right to remove any student's privileges for failure to obey local traffic laws, follow safe driving practices, or for violating campus driving/parking rules. Students may not drive off-campus (or leave with another student driver) during the academic day unless they have received formal senior privileges. Any violation of these rules may result in students losing their driving privileges for two weeks. Any reoccurrence will result in the loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the school year.

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