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Senior Stories

In the time they've been students at The Hun School, the members of the Class of 2022 have won awards, performed on stage, used their superpowers for good, and learned about themselves and the world. Below are some of their stories.

Rowland Lawver
Alyssa Onisick

Rowland Lawver ’22 wears the title of Hun School “lifer” proudly, acknowledging that he has spent most of his formative years at the School and has loved every minute of his experience since his first day in sixth grade. Rowland notes that while he is sad to go, he feels ready and prepared, thanks to the support he has received from teachers. 

Isiaha D. '22  showcasing graffiti art
Rebecca Barus

When Isiaha Dickens ’22 was in the seventh grade he discovered his love for graffiti art while driving through the busy streets of New York. Fast forward several years, Isiaha has since kept up with his self-taught craft, watching YouTube tutorials and picking up a can of spray paint to practice any chance he gets. Over his last three years living on campus, Isiaha has enjoyed the freedom to express himself through graffiti art and the many opportunities that he has had to share his craft with the greater community. 

John B. '22 With His Piano Teacher
Rebecca Barus

For the past twelve years, John Balian ’22 has practiced, performed, and competed as a pianist at the Music Fest Rising Talents Competition with hopes of performing at Carnegie Hall. In his time as a pianist, he has performed at Carnegie Hall four times, his last performance at age eight. This spring, he took center stage once again to perform Clair de Lune after taking Grand Prix. 

Aitzaz C.
Alyssa Onisick

“Everyone at Hun has been so helpful to me, no matter what problem I have,” Aitzaz said. Last year during Ramadan, he got special permission to leave campus to attend his mosque nearby for services. Someone from the resident life office would drive him there, wait for him to finish, and then bring him back to campus. That kind of support was exactly what he needed during the time of fasting.

Iris and her friends
Alyssa Onisick

When Iris Wang came to The Hun School as a freshmen, she was grateful for the advice and support offered by the proctors, upperclassmen with leadership roles who enhance the dorm experience by planning events, helping create bonds between residents, and checking in on new students. 

three girls sitting on a bed talking and laughing
Rebecca Barus

Over a year and a half ago, Cici Liang '22 was on cloud nine, she had just become a proctor in the boarding community and she was eager to begin planning events for boarders and assuming all proctor responsibilities. When suddenly, all boarding students were instructed to book their flights home for the unforeseeable future due to the Covid-19 pandemic that was sweeping the nation.  Since being back on campus this year, Cici is reflecting on her favorite moments as a boarding student and the little moments in between that she missed the most. 

Hun Climate Summit
Edyth Duff-Lockey

Established in 2020 by student government president and vice president, Devon Pasieka ’21 and Anna Marie Heiser ’21, the Red, Black, and Green committee was formed with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of The Hun School of Princeton while educating community members about the ongoing climate crisis.

Grace Z. '22
Alyssa Onisick

Each year, high school college counselors and science departments across the state of New Jersey nominate 11th grade STEM students to participate in The Governor’s School of Engineering & Technology. And each year, out of the 400 applicants, fewer than 25% are offered admission to the program. This year, a nominee from The Hun School has been selected to join the program: Grace Zhao ’22.