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"It's not simply whether a student is a good fit for a certain college. It's also about whether that college is a good fit for the student."

radha mishra, Director of college counseling

At The Hun School of Princeton, we want to change the way you think about college admissions. While 93% of our students are admitted to at least one of their top three choices, we don’t believe in chasing placements simply to boost our own reputation.

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What Sets Our College Preparation Apart From Other Schools?

We're Counselors First

We take the counselor part of our titles very seriously. We consider it a privilege to walk this journey alongside our students and their families. Each year, we are heartened to see students learn more about themselves as they consider their futures and set goals. Guiding our students through the enlightening process of self-discovery is one of our greatest joys.

We're also experts

Our counselors are often called upon to serve on industry panels and advisory boards for colleges and universities across the country. We also speak and present at prestigious conferences. We spend time during the summers visiting campuses around the world to familiarize ourselves with their offerings and to strengthen our already extensive network. All of this expertise ultimately allows us to be better stewards of our students.

We value authentic interaction

We get to know our advisees long before they step foot in the college counseling office. We take the extra time and effort to immerse ourselves in the Hun community by teaching seminars and classes to freshmen and sophomores. We also serve as advisors to extracurricular groups and clubs because we strongly believe that going the extra step to engage with our students before they require our counseling provides a more holistic approach.  

We don't believe in "packaging" students

In fact, it goes against everything we believe in. It not only does a disservice to the student, but it’s instantly recognizable to savvy college admissions officers. Our process is genuine and we’ve worked hard to earn the respect of our admissions colleagues.

We meet early

We’re one of the few independent schools to have a dedicated college counselor focused exclusively on freshmen and sophomores. Why? Because we believe that the better prepared you are, the better decision you’ll make. While college visits, standardized testing, and applications are a year or two away, we help freshmen and sophomores get in the proper mindset by advising on class selection, activity involvement, and simply separating fact from fiction.

We meet often

While students and their parents are invited to stop by our offices at any time, our juniors become a familiar sight beginning in October, when individual counselors are assigned. Before the end of November, we’ve met with everyone individually. Our robust calendar of events includes monthly seminars, panels, and workshops designed to guide students and their families through the process.

We work together with families

In order to get to know your child, we need to understand the complete picture, and no one knows your child better than you. Parents are an invaluable resource and you’ll be an integral part of the process as we work together to determine the best fit for your child.

We have the time and resources

One of the benefits of an independent school is a smaller enrollment. Our counselors have smaller, manageable caseloads with more time to dedicate to your child and his/her placement. We also welcome 250 college representatives to The Hun School each year for campus visits and meet and greets.

Hun Even Offers a Gap Year for Seniors After Graduation where students can continue their studies in between upper school and college. Preparation is key. And our school can set you up for success.

our process works


Members of the Class of 2019 who were accepted Early Action or Early Decision to a top choice school.

90% - 98%

Of our seniors are admitted to one of their top three schools in a given year.


Colleges and universities offer acceptances to our students each year.

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