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Living away from home for the first time can be daunting. But we've carefully crafted our community to be the kind of close-knit family that will bring out the best in you. The resources are endless but more importantly, so is our capacity to connect with and mentor you. You’ll be recruited to play table tennis, organize a Brazilian BBQ, attend a leadership workshop, and sit down with your AP physics teacher to lasso the A you’ve had your eye on. And that’s just an average Tuesday.

Dorm Parents

Dorm parents act just as your parents would at home; they help you study, make sure you're getting your work done, and check in on you throughout the week. Generally, six dorm parents and various health and wellness personnel are on call each night.


A squad is a group of students who live near one another. They are assigned a squad leader, or dorm parent, and meet up twice a month. During these meetings, squads may grab dinner off campus, take a quick trip to Wawa, or eat snacks and talk.


Proctors are eleventh and twelfth graders who are appointed to leadership roles within the boarding school community. They help to create a positive social environment, check in on new or younger students, and plan community events.

Student Life Programs

Our resident life staff and dorm parents take seriously their role as in loco parentis to our boarding students. With this in mind, we offer all kinds of student programing in the evenings and weekends to supplement the day student experience. From the informal discussions around major world events to more structured leadership, wellness, and diversity programs, our boarding students are actively learning how to live their best lives.

See our Programs in Action:

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Proctors in The Hun School’s Resident Life community give a lot of themselves and their time to their peers and dorm parents. Once students are selected, proctorship begins with an intensive three-day retreat focused on team building and intention setting. Once the school year begins, Monday nights are spent in meetings to plan for community dinners and weekend activities, or to partake in leadership training and activities. Sunday and Thursday night of each week are reserved for study hall meetings run by the proctors. Day-in and day-out, proctors serve as a resource and web of support for fellow boarders.

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