Boarding School Near Philadelphia, PA

boarding school education offers a unique opportunity for young adults to discover the world and their place within it. Living and learning at a boarding school empowers students to gain independence and develop the necessary skills to thrive in college and beyond.

If you're considering boarding schools near Philadelphia, PA, The Hun School of Princeton would love to learn more about you. Our beautiful 45-acre campus is located less than an hour from Philadelphia. Hun students also enjoy being just minutes away from downtown Princeton and Princeton University.


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Student Activities in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is rich in traditions and cultures, and our students have opportunities to take advantage of everything the city has to offer!

As part of our John Gale Hun Program for Civics Education, all sophomores take a trip to the National Constitution Center, where they can interact with exhibits and artifacts related to the U.S. Constitution.

Philadelphia Constitution Center


Individual teachers routinely bring students into the city for various reasons; a history class might visit a museum, a theatre class might see a show, an art class might see an exhibit.

The Resident Life community often has the opportunity to visit Philadelphia during the weekend. The Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown is always a hit (and usually includes dim sum)!

Benefits of a Boarding School One Hour From Philly, PA

In the city of Philadelphia, students can apply classroom knowledge to real-world experiences. From museums and historical landmarks to local communities, Philadelphia is a cultural and educational resource for boarding students in the area. Boarding schools near Philadelphia enable young adults to use the cultural and historic richness of Philadelphia to become more active citizens.

The Hun School is home to students not just from Philadelphia, but from across the U.S. and the world. For students from Philadelphia, The Hun School provides the ideal location, less than one hour away from family.

Aside from the proximity to home, a boarding school offers many benefits for students in Philadelphia, PA:

  • Community: A boarding school like Hun features a strong sense of community. You’ll be placed into a squad (yes, we really call it that!) when you get to campus, and you’ll participate in karaoke competitions, Top Chef-style cooking competitions, holiday celebrations, and study hall with them. You’ll also be placed into a Raider House, which isn’t actually a house, but a group of students from different grades. Raider Houses compete for the coveted Hun Cup – a longstanding school tradition! From the dorm room to the classroom, you’ll experience a joyful community of students who are eager to learn and lead together. We know you’ll feel right at home.

  • Small class size: Private schools, and boarding schools specifically, are known for the strong bond between students and educators. With an average class size of just 14 students, teachers at Hun take time to get to know and connect with each individual. This one-on-one attention helps Hun students better understand class materials and delve deeper into their learning. Teachers at Hun are always available for mentorship and guidance beyond the classroom as well. In fact, Hun has a special class period each day devoted to extra help. Students use this time to ask questions, clarify course material, and get in some extra study time with teachers.

  • Preparation: In a world of constant change, boarding school prepares students to embrace challenges, ask questions, and learn and grow throughout life. The Hun School takes this mission further by helping students develop cultural competency so we can all create a more inclusive society. Hun helps students celebrate different cultures through programs and experiences that evoke meaningful conversations

  • Academic excellence: Academics at Hun don't mean just sitting in a classroom, raising your hand, and taking exams. Our teachers follow a 21st-Century education model and encourage students to draw from and learn through real-world experiences, like traveling to a different country during our NextTerm mini-course. A skills-based education helps Hun students practice learning in a more engaging and vigorous way.

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