Dorm Life

boarding student on campus

Close-knit community, big city access.

The size of our boarding school program is one in a series of carefully designed elements to provide comfort and community; to foster growth and independence. Ours is a thriving, diverse culture, where students from all over the world come together to become active, engaged members of our community.

You’ll dig more deeply into your education, but also into your development as an individual. Boarding school will help you build confidence and independence, and academic opportunities specifically for residents will help you reach the highest possible level of academic achievement as you prepare for college and life.

Boarding school near Princeton University

Our school is just 1.5 miles from downtown Princeton and Princeton University. You can watch a movie, grab some bubble tea, catch a game at the University, and make it back to campus in time for a rousing karaoke competition in the Wilf Family Global Commons. With the diverse cultural and educational opportunities available in Princeton and no shortage of friends and faculty with which to explore them, you will inevitably discover a new favorite food or activity.

nearby opportunities will take you far

Sure, you can live in the dorms at The Hun School and never leave campus. But what fun is that? And, with a convenient location between New York City and Philadelphia, you’re just a short drive away from world-class arts, entertainment, and dining options. Our resident faculty have taken students into the city to celebrate cultural events including Chinese New Year, to explore museum such as the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, see a Broadway show, and to have fun at various parades, parks, and sporting events. 

Stay Connected

    I was amazed at how already at home I felt when I stepped foot on this campus for my tour, so it's no surprise how much Hun has become a part of who I am. I chose Hun because I knew I would become part of a family that I can always and will always turn to.

    Kobi Iheoma ’19