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Quarantine feels like a Ferris wheel ride.....

Quarantine feels like a Ferris wheel ride.....

Hello Raiders,

Adjusting to quarantine life is like a Ferris wheel ride. 

At first, it seemed like a great idea.  More time away from school, “dress code” nearly gone, and finally time to tighten up that TikTok game.

Then here comes the information dump in preparation to finish out school.  Just along for the ride. No real control, except that we decided to get on. Moving and adjusting on the go, we get to the top of the ride and are presented with the greatest view that there is. A chance that we can now return. We might get to enjoy some of the “rights of passage” that senior year offers all of us. As educators, our final words of wisdom, as a community, our proximal cheers together, as students, reflective appreciation of the “Hun” experience.

In a quick moment, the ride descends... We find out that quarantine life continues until the end of our school year. We lose sight and forget the beauty at the apex of the first rise of the ride. We thought there was time.  Time for closure, time to clean up all our fall shorts and strengthen our center. “If I could just get back I would be better.”  

Here is the kicker, as the Ferris wheel turns we get another moment of perspective on the way up, you ARE already getting better.  Every day you rise up and are making peace with your “now”.  You embrace that “perfect is not the enemy of good”.  We are in quarantine, that is the reality of our “now”. No apologies or permission offered, just here.

Take it. Get up and continue to be the best version of yourself.  Make personal projects that go along with your responsibilities.  No more checking boxes for participation.  Go out and create sustainable victories.  Outcomes that last a lifetime.   Moments that taught you great character development.  Forged from quarantine, create “rights of passage” for the “now” 2019-2020 school year end experience.  We can always finish well!

NO one truly rides a Ferris wheel alone.

There is no wrong answer, there can not be…. We are in the brainstorming phase of moving through this.  Understand, we are moving through this together and we are all here for one another.  


I will ride with you Raiders,

Coach Akauola


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