Middle School

Strength and Conditioning

Creating Change Through Challenge

Rolling into the summer

Hello Raiders,

As the school year winds down, Coach Asch and I, with the support of our AD’s, are setting up Zoom team sessions.  This will allow for remote engagement regardless of your location in the world! A truly global strength and conditioning experience!


Checking In

Hello Raiders,

How are the programs going? I can see that many of you are enjoying the programs that have been shared with each of the teams.  If there are any questions or you want to just connect, Coach Asch and I are here!

Get on that conditioning

Hello Raiders,

With the weather warming up & parks reopening, it is time to consider how much conditioning/speed & agility work you are putting in. Albeit, building strength is an important component of performance, one must put consistent effort toward their conditioning/speed & agility. 

Creative Resistance Equipment

Hello Raiders,

Did you know everyday household items could be used to add resistance to your exercise programs?  Adding resistance to exercises with in your program will make them more challenging and fun!


Middle School Movement!

Starting tomorrow Friday, April 23rd, Coach Asch will be hosting a virtual zoom session every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:30 p.m.  

Quarantine feels like a Ferris wheel ride.....

Hello Raiders,

Adjusting to quarantine life is like a Ferris wheel ride. 

At first, it seemed like a great idea.  More time away from school, “dress code” nearly gone, and finally time to tighten up that TikTok game.

Are you moving?

Hello Raiders,

Fitness logs are all the rage lately. Do you have one? How’s it coming along? By creating a fitness log, you will be able to set an action plan for how you will keep healthy activities consistent while staying at home.

Two Coaches and a blog

In efforts to keep our Hun Raiders prepared, Coach Asch and I have put together programs for each of our teams.  These will be accessible via your affiliate team's RaiderNet page, so give them a look and get to work!

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