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Athletic Philosophy

Aim high. Reach back. 


Competition is a healthy and positive force that allows our students to leap beyond what they thought possible — in a supportive and friendly environment.

We are proud of the world-renowned athletic tradition at Hun — but, success is broadly defined. Competition and winning are important aspects of any program, but do not control the scope of our athletic philosophy. The measurement of success will not be judged by the tangible evidence of victory or defeat, but in the intangible personal development and shared memories that make the effort and experience worthwhile.

The School athletic community is composed of many individuals with varying interests, needs, and abilities. Whether you are a middle school student trying a sport for the first time, a sports fan, health enthusiast, or a prospective collegiate student-athlete, there is a place for you (and your family) in our program.

"The student-athlete experience at The Hun School is about so much more than having a sport to play. It is about creating a culture of success both on and off the field, where the student athlete can cultivate positive physical, social, and mental habits that can carry over into all aspects of his or her life."


co-director of athletics tracey arndt

Olivia and Kiki: Leaders on and off the pitch

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If you're interested in applying to The Hun School, email our Admission Office or call them at (609) 921-7600.

Sean COstello

Co-Director of Athletics

Tracey Arndt

Co-Director of Athletics

Jamie McKee

Athletics Operations Manager

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