Student and Young Alumni Services

Hey there!

Welcome to the Alumni Association... or almost ;)

Once you graduate from The Hun School, you'll join thousands of alums from around the world who have one thing in common: Raider. More than a mascot, he's a bastion of connectivity that courses through the veins of everyone who has hiked up the 97 steps from the Athletic Center to Russell Hall at one time or another. Spanning generations and continents, this exclusive club wants to welcome you to its ranks and fill you in on all of the perks that come along with membership. So get to know the Advancement Team, the professionals working behind the scenes to foster relationships and activities!

Professional Networking: Looking for a connection in a particular field or region? Chances are, we know someone. 

Social and Educational Events: From ping pong tournaments to more formal reunions, we're always cooking something up. (Sometimes literally; did you catch our Friendsgiving Zoom cooking show?)

On-Campus Internships: If you're a current Hun student who might be interested in a career in philanthropy, or if you just love the School and are interested in a fun leadership opportunity, we'd love to "hire" you!

Alumni Affinity Groups: This newest endeavor is off to a great start with our Black Alumni Network. If you're interested, let us know! 

We mean it, if any of these things interest you, email us at Don't be shy!

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The business side of things

Update your contact information. Did you know that your Hun email won't work forever? 😱 But no worries! If you want to continue to hear from us, update your contact information so we can stay in touch with you.

Let us know your interests. If you want to offer your services as a mentor to a college-aged or recent college graduate alum, send us an email so we can make a connection for you.

"Mentorship at any level can be helpful. With more and more students being influenced by social media algorithms, it can be valuable for them to have real conversations with real people who can offer different perspectives."

Wayne Slappy '95