Signature Programs

There are certain programs that define a Hun School education. These experiences, both inside and outside the walls of the classroom, build our students’ confidence and expand their minds. These are the building blocks to graduation day and to thriving in an ever-changing world.

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Scholars program

Students can identify interdisciplinary interests and then select courses that inform and support that study. They design a project portfolio that advances their understanding of a particular thesis or guiding question. Scholars select five courses related to their area of interest from Hun's rich and diverse curriculum. In two of those courses, they will complete a portfolio project which, along with successful completion of their related Senior Capstone, results in an Honors Distinction on their Hun School Diploma.

Centennial Speakers Series 


Each year, The Hun School welcomes a lineup of thought leaders, entertainers, authors, and activists  who share their experiences and expertise with our students. These folks stretch our understanding of real-world issues, afford us the opportunity to reflect, and wow us with their impressive abilities. (We’re looking at you, Black Violin!)

Extra Help Period

Extra Help is built into each day’s schedule, and students and faculty alike look forward to it! We’re a community of learners who love asking good questions, especially after the class period ends. Extra Help provides students an opportunity to seek one-on-one guidance with teachers, ask for feedback, or clarify a concept they learned that day in class. 

Civics Education

The John Gale Hun Program for Civics Education is supported by a gift from Betty Wold Johnson. The program exposes all Hun Upper School students to the virtues of the American Republic through grade-specific initiatives and activities.

Raider Houses

All students are assigned a Raider House upon entry to the School. (Students with alumni parents or siblings are placed into the same Raider Houses as their family members!) Houses compete throughout the year in advisory competitions, Spirit Week games, and donation drives to earn points and the House with the most points at the end of the year wins the coveted Raider Cup.

Girls and Boys Leadership Cohorts

Ninth and tenth grade students who exhibit leadership qualities are invited to join leadership cohorts, groups of student leaders who are guided by faculty mentors in a two-year program. They attend programming, participate in roundtable discussions, and discover their leadership styles. Upon completion of the programming, the students go on to mentor younger students.

Middle School Debate

Our Middle School students build confidence, increase their critical thinking skills, and improve their communication skills by participating in mandatory All- School Debates. During three separate weeks throughout the year, our faculty create scenarios, split students into groups, and guide them in crafting their debate skills.

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The Hun Way

Each year, The Hun Middle School begins with an orientation program that helps students feel welcome, known, and respected by their peers and teachers. Students engage in learning activities designed to help them gain a deeper understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses and shared community expectations.

Interdisciplinary Learning

The Interdisciplinary Studies department was designed to help students thrive in the 21st century. Skills like creativity, effective communication, collaboration, and ethical decision making take center stage in each discussion-based, student-centered class. Interdisciplinary Studies classes don’t have textbooks; rather, teachers use current events, issues, and ideas to inspire critical thinking and understanding. Students are required to take Seminar courses freshman and sophomore year, and can elect to take other classes in the department during their junior and senior years. 

Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is relevant and relatable to every student at The Hun School, where students come from dozens of states and countries. Programs like the MLK Leadership Summit, SEED Training, National Day of Silence, and International Week create mutually beneficial exchanges of cultural exchange and learning.