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Sydney Isaacson '22 portrait at graduation

Over the last four years, Sydney Rose Isaacson ’22 has made it a personal mission to leave The Hun School better than she found it. She notes that there are two aspects of her identity that she is very proud of: her passion for community service and her love for mindfulness. Over the years, Sydney has found a way to incorporate those two things into her everyday life here at Hun. 

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Emma S. '26 Posing At Butterfly Mural

The Further Together award was established in 2021 as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of girls and women  at The Hun School; the award is part of a two-part initiative that also includes a mural in the Hun Middle School that was designed and executed by students to celebrate both alumnae and future generations of the School. The award honors a student who has shown their dedication to female empowerment at the School through leadership and community engagement. Each year, the award recipient will design their very own tile that will be added to the mural. This year, Emma S. ’26 is the first-ever recipient of the Further Together Award. 

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three girls sitting on a bed talking and laughing

Over a year and a half ago, Cici Liang '22 was on cloud nine, she had just become a proctor in the boarding community and she was eager to begin planning events for boarders and assuming all proctor responsibilities. When suddenly, all boarding students were instructed to book their flights home for the unforeseeable future due to the Covid-19 pandemic that was sweeping the nation.  Since being back on campus this year, Cici is reflecting on her favorite moments as a boarding student and the little moments in between that she missed the most. 

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Iris and her friends

When Iris Wang came to The Hun School as a freshmen, she was grateful for the advice and support offered by the proctors, upperclassmen with leadership roles who enhance the dorm experience by planning events, helping create bonds between residents, and checking in on new students. 

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Aitzaz C.

“Everyone at Hun has been so helpful to me, no matter what problem I have,” Aitzaz said. Last year during Ramadan, he got special permission to leave campus to attend his mosque nearby for services. Someone from the resident life office would drive him there, wait for him to finish, and then bring him back to campus. That kind of support was exactly what he needed during the time of fasting.

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Lindsay Armstrong in the Grand Canyon

Homecoming, tennis matches, spending countless Saturdays on campus hanging out with boarders – are a few of the things that Lindsay Armstrong ’22 will miss most as she prepares to graduate in the coming days. She explains that the sense of community she has felt on the tennis court, in the classroom, and across campus is something that she will always cherish. 

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Isiaha D. '22  showcasing graffiti art

When Isiaha Dickens ’22 was in the seventh grade he discovered his love for graffiti art while driving through the busy streets of New York. Fast forward several years, Isiaha has since kept up with his self-taught craft, watching YouTube tutorials and picking up a can of spray paint to practice any chance he gets. Over his last three years living on campus, Isiaha has enjoyed the freedom to express himself through graffiti art and the many opportunities that he has had to share his craft with the greater community. 

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Esha Mogali at Plainsboro Rescue Squad

What started out as an independent research paper on dissociative identity disorder in Ms. Roux’s English class quickly turned into a passion and future career endeavor for Esha Mogali ’22. Between the STEM and Humanities courses she has taken at Hun and her two year experience as an EMT and Cadet Captain at the Plainsboro Rescue Squad, Esha found her passion for saving lives and ultimately becoming a doctor. 

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Rowland Lawver

Rowland Lawver ’22 wears the title of Hun School “lifer” proudly, acknowledging that he has spent most of his formative years at the School and has loved every minute of his experience since his first day in sixth grade. Rowland notes that while he is sad to go, he feels ready and prepared, thanks to the support he has received from teachers. 

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people on stage presenting a gift to a woman

After the final show of the winter musical, The Wiz, Janus Players and theater director Bill Esher surprised Lisa Yacomelli, English and Performing Arts faculty member and director of the Hun Dance Company with a tribute to her twenty two years as a member of the Performing Arts department. As the curtain closes on Ms. Yacomelli’s time here at The Hun School, she looks back with gratitude for the opportunities the School has given her. 

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