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2023 Commencement Awards

The Hun School’s highest student honor, the Faculty Prize, is presented to the graduate who, in the opinion of the faculty, most exemplifies those characteristics of scholarship, integrity, reliability, leadership, and character we most desire in our students. The 2023 recipient is Nia Chiamaka Oparaji.

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Tatum D'Apolito at 2023 graduation with diploma

“I had no idea SCAD even existed before the college fair,” Tatum said. “When I was talking to the representative, she told me that a scene from Mandalorian was actually filmed at the Atlanta SCAD – that really drew me in… I walked away from that conversation knowing that SCAD was absolutely the place I needed to be for the next four years.” 

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Rit G giving speech at 2023 Commencement

Class of 2023 valedictorian Suchisrit G. is a researcher by nature. He is constantly learning and figuring out how to apply his knowledge in creative ways to solve real-world problems. So it’s no surprise that he is headed to Yale University in the fall for a combined major in computer science and electrical engineering as a Yale Engineering and Science Scholar.

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Kayla playing guitar

Kayla has always paid attention to how music makes her feel, or rather why it makes her feel that way. And when it came time to create a proposal for her final capstone project, it was an obvious choice to dive deeper into music cognition. Over the last several weeks, Kayla completed interviews with psychologists and music therapists to learn exactly how music affects the brain. Once her research was completed, she then produced a six song album emulating the six emotions that are portrayed in music: anger, fear, sadness, happiness, disgust, and surprise. 

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Ryan playing lacrosse

Ryan Donahue ’23 has spent his most formative years as a student at The Hun School, enrolling when he was just eleven years old. In his seven years as a student here, he reflects on how the School has shaped him into the young man he is today. While he recalls countless memories, laughs, or lessons learned, there is one invaluable lesson that sticks out to him: “Hun has taught me to never be afraid to fail.”

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Building relationships has always been important to Marco Lainez ’23. As captain of the football team, he’s learned that developing organic relationships with his teammates makes him a more effective leader. 

“Through the game of football, I’ve learned that the greatest feeling in life is not so much winning and working out, it's the connections and bonds you make,” Marco says. 

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Seven years ago Victoria P. ’23 joined the Hun Middle School – she described her younger self as “incredibly shy, scared of everything, and living inside of her comfort zone”. She graduates from The Hun School as a STEM scholar, an advocate for community service, leader of Model UN, and someone who lives life out of their comfort zone. 

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