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TJ T. ’27 on The Hun Way Experience

Coming into a new middle school as a new eighth grade student certainly comes with its fair share of uncertainties, but for TJ T. ’27, his transition into the Hun Middle School was nearly seamless – thanks to one program in particular: The Hun Way.  

TJ explained that The Hun Way was the perfect introduction to the Middle School experience: “It taught me what is expected of me as a student and as a friend. Through The Hun Way I also met all of my friends, and my teachers got to know me on a personal level as well.” 

For only spending just one year in the Middle School, TJ will miss all of the teachers, not just the ones he had in eighth grade. He explains that the most special thing about the Hun Middle School is that everyone steps up to offer a helping hand. 

“There are teachers here who I have never had who always make themselves available to help me when I need it and that has been really special to me,” he said. 

A highlight for TJ has been being a student in Mr. Cannuli’s English class:  “I can always count on Mr. Cannuli when it comes to my writing,” he said. “He has definitely helped me become a better, more confident writer and I know I can always go to him when I need help.” 

Mr. Cannuli echoed similar sentiments about having TJ as a student: 

“TJ entered our community as an eighth grader, and I was immediately struck by how much he embodied the values of a Hun student: trust, kindness, and a dedication to academics,” he said. “He has made leaps and bounds as a student this year, however, his personal character is what I appreciate and respect most. He will remain constant to doing the right thing even when nobody's watching.” 

In the Upper School, TJ looks forward to continuing his education and working harder both in the classroom and on the field – TJ is a baseball and football player and is looking forward to joining both of those teams.