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Herschel M. ’27 Looks Forward to Bringing His Creativity to The Upper School

For Herschel M. ’27, joining The Hun Middle School this year has meant exploring new cultures and traditions. He appreciates all of the work Middle School Counselor Ms. Kennedy puts into planning cultural competency events, and even his parents have gotten involved, joining the School for a Diwali celebration. 

“Everybody is accepted, and comfortable here,” Herschel says.

But, if he had to choose his favorite part of the cultural competency programming?

“I like trying all the new foods, stuff you've never had before,” he says. 

This was Herschel’s first year at Hun; when his parents decided to enroll him in an independent school, they gave him the final say in which school he attended. In the end, he chose Hun because of the feeling he got during his tour of campus. 

“I liked the atmosphere and I liked the facilities,” Herschel said. “It’s a really nice school, and the custodians do a good job of keeping it clean.”

Herschel played soccer, basketball, and tennis this year, and enjoyed the days when a group of Middle Schoolers would hang out after school and play a pickup game.

His favorite aspect of Middle School classes was project-based learning, which allowed him to creatively explore lessons and ideas. In Ms. Nuse’s geography class, he made a documentary about the shrinking of the Aral Sea. 

“Herschel, an outstanding tennis player, brings a sense of humor (as demonstrated with his acting during his group's video about residents in the Aral Sea area) to Geography class. He is an outstanding group member, working well with his classmates,” Ms. Nuse said. 

Next year, he will attend the Upper School, and he’s most excited about his biology and world studies classes… and finally having a coveted free period.