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Sydney Rose Isaacson ’22 on Her Commitment to Community Service 

Over the last four years, Sydney Rose Isaacson ’22 has made it a personal mission to leave The Hun School better than she found it. She notes that there are two aspects of her identity that she is very proud of: her passion for community service and her love for mindfulness. Over the years, Sydney has found a way to incorporate those two things into her everyday life here at Hun. 

During her time at Hun, Sydney was a club leader for Flow, a group that combines community service with mindfulness and meditation. As club leader, she has organized several service projects including coat drives and projects with a local food pantry in Pennington, New Jersey. 

“I just love helping people so much,” Sydney said. “So service is really important to me but so is mindfulness and being in a positive mental state. I strongly believe that moving your body and connecting with yourself really helps your mental state, that’s why Flow club has been great because it really focuses on both of those things.” 

When brainstorming with her classmates on a senior capstone project, Sydney knew that she wanted to do something that would contribute back to the School she cherishes so much. She teamed up with Ce-ce Langford ’22 and Jill Verbeeck ’22 to decorate the new counseling center, conceptualize and paint a mural in the office, as well as work with the counselors on programming for next year. 

“Like I said, mental health is really important to me and I spent a lot of time in the counseling center this year just hanging out and getting to know the counselors and we all just really believed that the office should be a place that is calming and restorative.” 

Next year, Sydney will be headed to Tulane University to study communications and marketing. Sydney explains that she knew she wanted to attend Tulane University since she was fourteen years old; she notes that she had a favorite camp counselor growing up who was a student at Tulane and she knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps. 

Sydney explains that there is a lot she is excited about at Tulane, but she is most excited about a particular community service program that the school offers. 

“There is a specific community service program at the school where students get to travel out into the marshes of Louisiana to clean them which I really can’t wait to do,” she said. “I think there will be a lot of opportunities at Tulane and in the surrounding areas for me to get involved in whatever I can do to help.”