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Upper School Award Winners

Academic prizes and Senior awards were presented prior to Commencement. This year's recipients include:

Acting Award:  Courtney La Raé Joseph

Art Purchase Prizes:  Hanna Jean Babuschak, Maya Elizabeth Connell, Elizabeth Deng Ji, Laila Rose Palmer, Yelin (Jessica) Xu

Edward L. Arnold Memorial Art Prize:  Yelin (Jessica) Xu

Artist Athlete Award:  Hanna Jean Babuschak

Artist Scholar Award:  Maya Elizabeth Connell and Elizabeth Deng Ji

CAD 3D Design Prize:  Amar Anand

Dora Lee Memorial Chinese Prize:  Madeleine Lutricia Perry

Choral Director’s Award:  Gabriella Angeleé Cattani

Classical Languages Prize:  Junle (Richard) Chen

Computer Science Prize:  Mei von Kaenel

Cultural Competency Beacon Award:  Courtney La Raé Joseph

Jane Kidder Community Service Award:  Anna Marie Heiser

Dance Award:  Devon Elizabeth Pasieka

Diversity Award:  Eilah Patricia Wåhlin and Milan Allahna Moïse

Allen R. Kirschner Memorial English Prize:  Junle (Richard) Chen

French Prize:  Courtney La Raé Joseph

Ghostlight Theatre Prize:  Madeleine Lutricia Perry

Helen Farnum Memorial History Prize:  Devon Elizabeth Pasieka

Bobo Holmes Award:  Isabelle Francheska Lalo

The Hun Review Award:  Siqi (Kathy) Wang

Lindsay Jacob Memorial Journalism Prize:  Siqi (Kathy) Wang

Ralph Sharp Memorial Mathematics Prize:  Eric Wu

Instrumental Music Prize:  William Hu

Photography Prize:  Laila Rose Palmer

Pink Triangle Award:  Rosemary Martinez

Hubert Alyea Science Award:  Yixuan (Angelina) Shi

Life Science Prize:  Benjamin Wesley Petrone

Physical Science Prize:  Eric Wu

Red Shield Awards: Isabelle Francheska Lalo, Madeleine Lutricia Perry, and Anna Worthington Hyson

Resident Life Awards:  Isabelle Francheska Lalo and Hasan Tareq Alqassab

Spanish Prize:  Amanda Lee Jenkins

Excellence in Theatre Award:  Gabriella Angeleé Cattani

Technical Theatre Award:  Maya Elizabeth Connell

Video Production and Hun TV Prize:  John Owen Dougherty

Vocal Award:  Gabriella Angeleé Cattani

Rob Myslik Senior Writing Award:  Siqi (Kathy) Wang



The John L. Kuschke Memorial Award: Siqi (Kathy) Wang 

The John R. Scott Memorial Award: Rocco Joseph Mathews 

Michelle Bonacci Marks ’89 Memorial Award: Anna Worthington Hyson 

The Robert Strianese ’70 Memorial Award: Anna Marie Heiser 

The James A. McFadden ’59 Memorial Award: Pedro Blauth Poli 

The Edwin “Jake” Jacobs Memorial Award: Mei von Kaenel 

The Katherine Wright Gorrie ’98 Memorial Award: Elizabeth Deng Ji 

The Head of School's Award: Gabriella Angeleé Cattani, Seth Joseph Jeter, Milan Allahna Moïse, and My Dung (Angel) Ngoc Truong

The Faculty Prize: Devon Pasieka