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The Hun School Fits Like a Glove for Zach Eisenberg ’25

For Zach Eisenberg ’25, The Hun School is the perfect catch, and not just because he is the baseball team’s catcher. “When Zach started Hun, he was a reticent student,” explains Ken Weinstein, Middle School head. “He didn’t enjoy his previous school and wasn’t really sure he wanted to be here,” Mr. Weinstein says.

Hun brought something out in Zach, though, and soon the students and faculty took notice. “Over his time in our building, Zach gained confidence in himself—not just academically, but also in terms of his identity as a teenager and a friend. As he became more confident, his personality came out more, and the more it came out, the more everyone around him enjoyed his company.”

That growth, both personally and academically, is why Zach Eisenberg was named the recipient of the Roberta King Award at the Middle School Closing Ceremony. “As a student, he has grown so much and improved his skills, as well as his attitude,” says Mr. Weinstein.

Now, Zach encourages others to “make friends and get to know people,” he says. “Put yourself out there and talk to people.” His keen sense of humor is just one way that he connects with others.

"Zach was a pleasure to have in advisory all year long, always trying to make people smile and make their day just a little bit better,” says Nick Savino, middle school faculty member and Zach’s advisor. “He's the same sincere Zach with no one watching, a student that makes Hun feel like home."