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Karin Guns: A Decade of Teaching Science at The Hun School

Some children follow in the footsteps of their parents, but for Karin Guns, she happily followed in her older son’s. The longtime teacher—she spent twenty-five years in Pemberton Township public schools—knew she wanted to be a part of the Hun community when he enrolled as a student. She joined as a faculty member in the science department in 2011.

Mrs. Guns has taught everything from Physics and Bioethics to Case Studies and A.P. Biology, but her favorite class remains ninth grade biology. “They’re so sweet and they need study skills,” she explains. “Before high school, so much of science is about memorizing, but I’m teaching them synthesis and application.”

Echoing the School’s sentiment about hands-on learning, Karin Guns wholeheartedly believes in learning by doing. “I teach science by doing science. My teaching philosophy is student centered and it’s all about discovery, learning to analyze, and being curious about the world around them.”

She characterizes herself as a “tough, but fun” teacher. Students who may be struggling or need a little extra attention are her forte. To that end, she has hosted a breakfast club for many years that reinforces study skills, builds confidence, and forges relationships. “I love what I do. I have become so close with so many of my kids.”

Coaching track at Hun also allowed her to forge build relationships with students, though she has been busy for the last five years teaching five classes a day. Still, this running enthusiast never lets the grass grow under her feet. “I’m a true fan,” she says. This former hockey mom doesn’t play favorites, though. “I try to hit every sport for at least one game every season, and watch every play, dance performance, concert, etc.”

In thirty-five years of teaching, Mrs. Guns has taught thousands of students, one student in particular was especially meaningful. “My younger son took a class with me here at Hun, and I was able to see him in a very different way.”

This September, Karin Guns will be trading Hun for Hawaii, where she’ll be enjoying her first few weeks of retirement on the beach. Once she returns, she plans to hit the retirement ground running by exercising, cooking, reading, visiting family, and volunteering/tutoring at HomeFront.