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Community and Creativity Guide Gabby Ruiz-Mitchell ’25

Gabby Ruiz-Mitchell ’25 believes in the power of relationships. When asked to give advice to newcomers to The Hun Middle School, forging relationships is her number one recommendation. Getting to know your teachers is one way to “focus on getting that community feeling that makes Hun special,” she says.

Another way to become immersed in the Hun community is by becoming involved in a variety of activities. For Gabby, involvement often means unleashing her creativity. “It’s really important to express ourselves, and Hun has a wonderful arts program. I’ve learned a lot about myself through art.” In addition to ceramics, chorus, and theatre, Gabby is a member of the Artcology club and has made everything from mosaics to art installations.

Characterized by her kind and caring nature, Gabby is the student many turn to for advice. “I have a lot of friends who talk to me about what’s going on in their lives,” she explains. It has sparked an interest in psychology; something she hopes to explore as she moves to the Upper School in the fall. “I’m looking forward to being part of a new environment—to change things up a little.”

Gabby, who has spent her whole life living on campus (her mother is faculty member, Jennifer Mitchell) and watched her two older sisters graduate from the School, knows that even when you leave Hun, it always remains with you. “My sister is in California now and she has met people there who were part of Hun at one time. That strong Hun community is always there, no matter where you are.”

Gabby was honored with the Art and Diversity awards at the June 8th Awards Assembly, and was awarded the Faculty Prize at the Middle School Closing Ceremony.