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Each year, our College Counselors work with students to help them identify the colleges and universities that are the best fit for them. And each year, our students go on to matriculate at the very best schools around the country and the world.

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Join us in celebrating our students on their end-of-year achievements.

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The Spark Series

We asked alums to share their spark with us -- the class, the project, the teacher that sparked a passion they didn't know they had.

student on sunrise kayak trip

Before coming to The Hun School from Shanghai, China, Coco Z. ’23 had almost no knowledge of what philosophy was and all that it was capable of teaching her about herself and life.

On a whim during her sophomore year, she decided to join the philosophy club because she was seeking more interaction with her classmates while she was attending classes virtually from home. Almost immediately Coco became fascinated by the subject matter. During junior year, she enrolled in intro to philosophy, AP psychology, and the NextTerm course Transcend and Transform. 

Hanan A. and Steven F. work together on Afghan Outreach Project

During a conversation with a dorm parent on a quiet Tuesday night, Hanan A. ’23 shared a phrase in her religion that roughly translates to “if I save one’s life, then I save everyone’s life”. She mentioned that this phrase is one of her guiding principles and she often seeks opportunities to put these words into action in her own life. 

Student works with teacher on tech theatre project

Carpentry is familiar territory to Jack O’Keefe ’24; he grew up going to work with his dad, who is a general contractor. Jack recalls always being intrigued by the concept of building something to solve a problem, but admits he never thought of it as a career opportunity for himself … Until a request to fill an art credit led him to sign up for tech theater on a whim. Jack instantly fell in love with the fact he could use carpentry to create something that comes to life, that actors live on, and that an audience is awed by.