The Moise sisters with the step team

When Milan Moise ’21 was a sophomore, she began brainstorming with her sister Alexis Moise ’19 on fun ways to create more school spirit; the sisters ultimately decided to incorporate their love for dance into their vision and create The Hun School’s first ever step team: Majesty.  Little did they know their new team would turn into a family affair. 

“We have done step in the past when we were younger,” Milan said. “So we thought it would be a fun twist on school spirit and it would also introduce the Hun community to a new cultural dance form.” 

A senior at the time, Alexis became Majesty's team captain and got the program running and along the way, showed Milan the ropes of what it takes to be a strong team leader. 

During Alexis’ senior year, she was able to establish Majesty as a team on campus, organize practices once a week, and book the team to perform at Hun Dance Company shows. After she graduated, she passed the torch to her younger sister, Milan, to be team captain. 

In just a year, Milan has worked diligently to help the team grow in numbers, practice more frequently, as well as book more auditions. Just last year, the team performed at every Hun Dance Company show, homecoming, and during basketball games. This year, Majesty has adjusted to the virtual schedule and the team practices over Zoom every Monday night with hopes of performing at upcoming in-person events. 

As team captain, Milan’s number one priority is giving all of the team members a chance to create and teach choreography; she does this so that when she graduates this year, the team will be able to pick up where they left off. 

“Step is a very team oriented type of dance, so we all have to always be on the same page,” Milan said. “I want every team member to be involved in the creative process. Everyone thinks and creates differently, so one thing I established is that the first ten minutes of every practice is spent individually creating choreography and we then come together and share and bounce ideas off one another to build onto what we 
already have.” 

While Milan prepares to graduate in the spring, she knows that Majesty will be in good hands, as she passes the leadership role to her youngest sister, Sasha Moise ’23. 

“All three of us have always gone to the same schools and done so much stuff together, so it’s been really fun for me to be able to do this with both of my sisters,” Milan said. “Sasha has been ready to join Majesty since before she was even at Hun, and now that she’s on the team I think she’s going to love being the team leader in the years to come.” 

Sasha explains that her two older sisters have taught her that although being a leader can be fun, it’s also an honor that should be taken seriously.

“I’ve always been able to look to my sisters for help, but soon it will be just me and I will have to become that person for other people,” she said. “My sisters have taught me that no matter what as long as you show up and do the best you can do, that’s all anyone can ask. I am so excited for my sisters to come see us perform in future years and see the legacy they have left.” 

Milan notes that her experience with Majesty from the very beginning is what she will cherish most about her time at The Hun School and she has been proud to provide the community with a new appreciation of a different dance form. 

“For me, step is a space for me to feel empowered and feel like I’m making change in the Hun community,” she said. “When Majesty first started, no one was really familiar with this art form and now as I prepare to leave Hun, it feels like everyone has a deeper level of understanding of what step is and what it represents.” 

Sasha adds, “It’s an honor to be a part of something that brings such a rich culture to our school. To see it grow and flourish into its own thing is just amazing. In hopes that Majesty will continue for many many years to come, I am glad that I was able to be a part of this contribution to the school.”

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