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On Thursday, April 14th, Middle School students gathered to participate in the annual seventh grade science expo. Each classroom in the Middle School was occupied by a student ready to deliver on-demand presentations of their respective topics. Topics ranged from exploring carbon emission through the lens of the National Hockey League to uncovering how blue light may be negatively affecting sleep patterns. 

Maddie T. ’27 explored the correlation between head balls in soccer and the effects it has on the brain, Sophia N. ’27 uncovered how food packaging and nutrition go hand-in-hand and Mason U. ’27 and Greyson B. ’27 presented on energy conservation and electrolytes – to name a few.

Mr. Barletta, Middle School science teacher and faculty advisor of the seventh grade science expo notes that his goal is to work closely with students to turn their passions and interests into a problem-based idea for a science project. He explains that he will never forget the cookie-cutter approach to the science fair that he once participated in as a middle school student. He believes that Hun’s progressive philosophy of education and focus on joyful learning has allowed the science expo to reach far beyond cookie-cutter science fairs with tri-fold poster boards. 

“The seventh grade science expo is a long-term formative project that is still rooted in the Scientific Method but allows students an out-of-the-box approach to it,” Mr. Barletta said. “This is undoubtedly my favorite unit of the school year because from the moment students start listing possible topics to the time of their actual presentation, I am always overwhelmed by the quality of work, passion, and joy from students.” 

See a full gallery from the seventh grade science expo here!

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