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On Thursday, February 4th, The John Gale Hun Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted thirty-five new students for the 2020 - 2021 year. Students are inducted into the NHS on the basis of the four pillars for which the organization was founded -- scholarship, character, leadership, and service. 

During the ceremony, Ryan Hews, head of Upper School, noted that although these four pillars are all equally impactful, the most defining trait of these inductees in particular is their character. 

“The real reason these students were selected is because of their strong character,” he said. “Their character has allowed them to add value to the world around them.” 

Mei von Kaenel ’21, president of the John Gale Hun Chapter of the NHS, applauded the inductees on their ability to lead through passion and enthusiasm: 

“Amongst the thirty-five inductees there are athletes, scholars, student government members, performers, tutors, service learners and so much more,” she said. “These students have dedicated their free time to service and they have established themselves as leaders in all aspects. Not only are they not afraid to face challenges, but they lead through enthusiasm.” 

Chelsea Clarke ’23, a new inductee, notes that it is her proudest accomplishment to be formally inducted into the National Honor Society.

“This particular year has definitely challenged me as a student, but I feel so proud to see my hard work be recognized,” she said.

Congratulations Students! 

Sophia Burton ’23
Chelsea Clarke ’23
Suchisrit Gangopadhyay ’23
Anvitha Paruchuri ’23
Ruba Ahmed ’22 
Kaitlyn Angelini ’22 
Marcus Antar ’22 
Eleanor Bloch ’22 
Ethan Borowsky ’22 
Harry Carter ’22 
Olivia D’Aulerio ’22 
Arianna Ding ’22 
Bella Gomez ’22 
Oscar Hang ’22 
Eshar Hans ’22 
Maya Nahas ’22 
Sunny Park ’22 
Anuj Roy ’22 
Xavier Silverio ’22 
AJ Torres ’22 
Saanvi Upadhyay ’22 
Amar Anand ’21
Sarah De Falco  ’21
Seth Jeter  ’21
Courtney Joseph  ’21
Ishwari Joshi  ’21
Thai Phuong Le  ’21
Kevin Jiayuan Luo  ’21
Rocco Matthews  ’21
Milan Allahna Moise  ’21
Lena Nahas  ’21
Gregory Riley  ’21
Noah Weinstein  ’21
Yelin Xu ’21
Guang Yang  ’21

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