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There is no denying that this summer will look different than past and future months, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking anything. In fact, the current situation is providing The Hun School an opportunity to get creative with how the summer months are spent. And this time around, the School has created long-lasting learning opportunities for students that reach far beyond the hot summer months. 

Through the new Hun Adventures track, along with Hun Summer Session courses, the School has created a chance for students to remain intellectually stimulated, engaged, and connected to their classmates and teachers throughout the summer unlike ever before. 

Open to all families, whether currently enrolled in the School or not, students have the choice to partake in Hun Adventures, which consists of three, 1-week long, project-based mini courses with a focus on STEAM,  Business, or Humanities, or, a 3-week long academic enrichment course, or, an 8-week long credit course designed to appear on a student’s transcript. 

Ted Shaffner, Summer School Director, notes that the goal of this carefully crafted program is “to give students the space to progress to their next level and build confidence while still experiencing what makes a Hun education unique.” Through Hun Summer School, he hopes students will discover their passions while learning skills in a fun and engaging environment. 

Much like on-campus classes, each course will maintain small class sizes with learning customized for each student. These options allow students to decide how they want to spend the upcoming months.  Perhaps your child wants to explore the art of entrepreneurship, with Hun Adventures, they can do just that. Or, maybe they want to use their summer to prep for the SAT by participating in a Hun Summer Session course. 

For current and new families, The Hun School’s Board of Trustees is permitting all students to enroll in one online summer enrichment course at no cost. The first Hun Adventures session will run from June 29th to July 17th. The next session will begin on July 20th and end on August 7th. The Hun Summer Session will run from June 22nd until August 14th. 

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