The Hun School Introduces New Faculty and Staff

We hope you'll join us in welcoming our newest faculty and staff members.


Susana Andrade 

Ms. Andrade joins The Hun School as a mathematics teacher in the Middle School. Ms. Andrade earned her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Prior experience includes teaching math at the elementary, middle, and high school level at Mira Rio School in Lisbon. Ms. Andrade is fluent in five languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian. She also enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and meeting new people. She is looking forward to gaining new experiences, meeting new people, and participating in clubs and extracurricular activities here at Hun. 


Marissa Beatrice 

Ms. Beatrice joins The Hun School as a humanities teacher in the Middle School. Ms. Beatrice earned both a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Master of Education from Holy Family University. Prior to Hun, Ms. Beatrice worked in the North Penn School District for several years. Ms. Beatrice enjoys spending time with family, reading, listening to country music and going to the beach. Besides teaching, she is most looking forward to coaching and leading a wellness club for Middle School students. 


Leonel Carrillo 

Dr. Carrillo joins The Hun School as a Spanish teacher in the Modern Language and Classics Department. Dr. Carrillo earned a Doctorate in Spanish from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior work experience includes teaching Spanish at Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio. In the classroom, Dr. Carillo is excited to improve his skills as an educator, implement new teaching strategies, and create opportunities for his students to succeed. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Carillo enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing his electric guitar.


Elizabeth Guzman
Ms. Guzman joins The Hun School as the administrative assistant to the Resident Life office. Ms. Guzman earned her Bachelor of Arts from Ramapo College and is currently working toward a master’s in Social Work.  Prior to joining Hun, Ms. Guzman served as a crisis counselor in Somerset County. Ms. Guzman enjoys all things music; she sings and plays both the piano and guitar. She is eager to get to know the boarding students on campus and help create a positive experience for them. 


Lauren Holm

Dr. Holm is transitioning from a part-time to a full time English teacher at The Hun School this year. Dr. Holm earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, Master of Arts in English from Boston College, and a Doctorate in English and American Literature from Brandeis University. Dr. Holm is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches yoga to boarding students each weekend. This year, she hopes to expand her practice to the larger Hun community. In the classroom, she is looking forward to reading poetry with students and encouraging them to write their own. Dr. Lauren Holm is not to be confused with her husband, Dr. Seth Holm, who is chair of the Modern Languages and Classics Department at The Hun School. The couple live on campus with their family. 


Ashley Mapp

Ms. Mapp joins The Hun School as the Middle School dance teacher. Prior experience includes teaching dance at KIPP Charter School and the Broadway Dance Center. Ms. Mapp also dances professionally in the Commercial Dance community. She looks forward to creating a healthy and mutual educational environment with her students and participating in the cathartic art form that is dance alongside her students. 


Seara Moon 

Ms. Moon joins The Hun School as a History and Global Studies teacher in the Upper School. Ms. Moon earned her Bachelor of Arts  in English Language and Literature from Yonsei University. She also earned a Master of Arts in International Education Development from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Hun, Ms. Moon taught AP Economics, US History, and World History in several New Jersey public schools. Ms. Moon is eager to begin teaching at Hun and learning from her colleagues and students about all of the things Hun has to offer. 


Ana Irene Sanchez 

Ms. Sanchez joins The Hun School in the Modern Languages and Classics Department as a part-time Spanish teacher. Ms. Sanchez attended New Mexico State University where she earned a Master of Arts  in Spanish. Prior experience includes teaching at University of Colorado at Boulder, Bowling Green State University, Firelands, and Sandusky Central Catholic School. Ms. Sanchez looks forward to celebrating the multiculturalism of the Hun community and hopes to organize events and guest speakers for students. Ms. Sanchez and her husband, Dr. Carrillo live on campus with their family. 


Carin Sankus 

Ms. Sankus joins The Hun School as ceramics teacher. Ms. Sankus earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts  in Ceramics from Alfred University. Ms. Sankus has taught high school ceramics in Somerset County for several years and most recently was the education manager and community coordinator at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. Ms. Sankus is looking forward to getting to know Hun students and creating art with them. An avid sports fan, Ms. Sankus will also be  cheering for the Raiders this year. 


Teaching Fellows


Chris Sharp ’15

Hun School alumnus Mr. Sharp ’15 joins The Hun School as a teaching fellow in the Health and Wellness Department. Mr. Sharp earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Higher Education from the University of Virginia. Most recently, Mr. Sharp served as a postgraduate intern and competitive advantage program coordinator at Kansas State University. He  enjoys staying physically active, playing chess, and experiencing art, and music. Mr. Sharp is looking forward to helping out with the School’s football team and getting involved in clubs and extracurricular activities on campus. 


Neal Spadafora  

Mr. Spadafora joins The Hun School as a teaching fellow in the History and Global Studies department; he will also be teaching a section of Academy courses. Most recently, Mr. Spadafora graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. He also served as a teaching assistant at Princeton Seminary as well as taught at Iliff School of Theology. Mr. Spadafora is excited to be both teaching and learning alongside his students. He  is also an avid rock-climber and looks forward to working with the School’s rock climbing team. 


Virginia Wei 

Ms. Wei joins The Hun School as a teaching fellow in the Science Department . Ms. Wei earned  a Bachelor of Arts  from Dartmouth College. Previously, Ms. Wei taught chemistry and Chinese to middle school students at Breakthrough Collaborative. She is also looking forward to participating in the Performing Arts Department. Ms. Wei’s personal interests include music theory, embroidery, and e-sports. 


Erika Suero 

Ms. Suero joins The Hun School as the academic registrar. Ms. Suero earned her Bachelor of Arts  in Legal Studies from SUNY-Buffalo. Prior experiences include working as Enrollment and Assessment Technician for the Florida Virtual School. Outside of work, Ms. Suero enjoys traveling, exploring different cuisines, and candle making. She looks forward to getting to know students as well as participating in any community service or art opportunities that present themselves. 


Hayley Trinkoff 

Ms. Trinkoff joins The Hun School as the Director of the Hun Fund in the Advancement office. Prior to Hun, Ms. Trinkoff served as Director of Philanthropic Engagement at Seton Hall University. Ms. Trinkoff is eager to begin working with community members and leading efforts to grow the Hun Fund. 


Carla Patterson 

Ms. Patterson joins The Hun School as an Upper School Biology teacher. Ms. Patterson is a graduate of both Montclair State University and Grand Canyon University. She is eager to work with Upper School students and looks forward to building relationships with students and participating  in cross-curricular collaboration with colleagues. 


Veronica Perez 

Ms. Perez joins The Hun Middle School as Administrative Assistant to the Middle School head. Most recently, Ms. Perez has worked as the registrar and administrative assistant at Morin Horizon School in Mill Valley, California. In her free time, Ms. Perez enjoys hiking, finding new adventures, and spending quality time with her family. 


Vickie Whittle 

Ms. Whittle joins The Hun School on a part-time basis in the Academic Learning Center. Ms. Whittle earned her Bachelor of Arts  in Social Work and a Master of Arts in Education  from Monmouth University. Ms. Whittle spent the last twenty-five years working as a special education and study skills teacher at Hillsborough High School. Ms. Whittle enjoys traveling, hiking, ballet, and training her dog. She looks forward to attending sporting events, performing arts shows, and concerts, and other opportunities to connect with students and faculty alike. 



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