Support Raider Giving Day and Support a Global Mindset

“We do a great job of providing leadership opportunities for faculty at Hun. But in order to be a good leader, you have to continue to grow and sometimes you have to look outside your own environment in order to do that,” said Dara Martin, Global and Immersion Programs director, NextTerm co-director, and member of the English Department.

This April, Ms. Martin attended the Global Educations Benchmark Group’s (GEBG) Annual Conference in San Diego, California, supported by a gift to the Hun Fund. As a twenty-one year veteran educator, she is a strong advocate for professional development.

“Every professional development opportunity that I have had at Hun has really enabled me to grow in my field and meet other professionals who are running similar programs at other schools. It always helps me look at things differently.”

Ms. Martin also brings what she learns through GEBG back to her colleagues at Hun, multiplying the effect of the School’s investment. She has used her knowledge and experience to create on campus sessions for Hun’s NextTerm trip leaders, exploring topics that range from best practices in risk management to how to make each of the courses more globally minded.

“GEBG has helped with the mindset of not just looking at global education in the form of travel. We explore what a global mindset looks like in the classroom, on campus, off campus, and across disciplines.”

And, it’s not just about the content.

“PD is also about building your network. A strong network helps you do your job well, efficiently, and with inspiration. I have used the conference groups to find quick answers to questions, share ideas, and collaborate with colleagues at other boarding schools on program materials for NextTerm.”

Support Ms. Martin and her colleagues pursue meaningful professional development by making a gift to Hun on Raider Giving Day!

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