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For the past year, Suchisrit G. ’23 has been assisting his father and sister with the development and user experience of the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition website, and just recently he combined his love for U.S history with his interest in STEM work to add an existing program to the MVPC website called “Journey Through the Past”. 

The “Journey Through the Past” program was born several months ago when numerous historical sites were unable to host visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions; the program is designed for friends and family to safely travel in their car through historical sites while following Google Maps and learning about each site along the way. With the help of Suchisrit, the MVPC was able to launch a “Journey Through the Past” segment for historic sites in the greater Millstone area. 

Suchisrit spent several hours perfecting the information model for the website as well as focusing on user experience for the site to guarantee that it not only functions properly, but visitors are able to gather all of the information they need easily. He also assisted his dad with completing web development, coding, creating a site map, and website maintenance . 

Just this past weekend, Suchisrit participated in a field study, where he was able to put his work to the test. 

“My family and I went on the journey through the past tour that we made on the Millstone Valley Preservation Coalition website,” he said. “It was helpful to go through the process just like a visitor would and see how they would go through the website and directions. After going through the tour for ourselves we knew what updates to make or change on the website to make it better for the user.” 

This fall, Suchisrit is taking Programming 1, but he says that the reason he enjoyed doing this project so much is because he is able to combine his existing knowledge of website development with history. 

“I’m already familiar with a lot of programming and website development work, which has definitely contributed to my interest in working with the website, but if anything I’d say taking U.S History recently sparked my interest in this work even more because since starting this project I’ve learned so much more about historic sites in area.” 

As Suchisrit expands his knowledge of programming, he and his dad will soon begin working on a new version of the site using a more advanced software. 

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