Olivia and Kiki

The Hun Varsity Girls’ Soccer team is headed to the NJISAA State Championship! Leading up to the big game, get to know two powerful forces on the field: senior captains Kiki M. ’22 and Olivia D. ’22. Kiki is a defender who is known for holding down the back line, protecting the goalkeeper at all costs, and being a fearless voice on and off the field. Olivia is best-known for her quick feet and her determination to get the ball in the back of the opponents’ net, no matter what. 

Here’s a few questions for the two senior captains: 

Q: Why did you want to become a team captain? 
: I wanted to be captain because I knew that I could be someone who stepped up to give the team the discipline that we needed to succeed. 
Olivia: I want to share my passion for soccer with the rest of my teammates. I wanted to create a team environment where girls wanted to join us and weren’t afraid. Inclusivity is important to me and I wanted to create that type of atmosphere for the program.


Q: What does being a captain mean to you?
: It means being the fire starter.
Olivia: It means being the voice of the team as well as being a good teammate. 


Q: What are a few of your responsibilities as a team captain?
: As team captains, we make sure that the team is prepared for game days as well as practices. It’s also a responsibility of mine to make sure that the entire team is on the same page, that we have the same goals in mind, and that we connect on and off the field. 
Olivia: It’s important for us to make sure that the entire team is operating on the same wavelength. Personally, I like to make sure that I bring that spark of energy that we need on game days. 


Q: What are a few leadership skills that you have developed during your time in this role? 
: I’ve definitely become more confident. I think confidence is something that is looked over a lot because when you’re in this leadership role, everyone assumes that you are the most confident person in the room, but I really had to grow into that this year, and being a team captain forced me to do that. 
Olivia:  I would say I learned two really valuable skills: the first one being how to communicate in the best way possible with my teammates, the second is the importance of building self-confidence not only for myself but for my teammates as well. 


Q: If you could give one word of advice to future Varsity Girls’ Soccer players, what would it be?
: Come ready. Because we have  built a program that is ready for you. 
Olivia: Always show up ready and willing to improve your game. 


Q: Top highlight from this season? 
: Beating Pennington in our regular season game. 
Olivia: First round of Mercer County Tournament, against Hightstown High School. 


Q: How do you balance being a student athlete? 
: I’ve learned it’s all about time management. I’ve been at Hun since 7th grade, and when you are in the Middle School, you are required to play a sport all three seasons, so I really learned at a young age the value and importance of being able to manage your time properly, and it has really paid off for me. 
Olivia: I try to get all of my work done during my free periods, always communicate with my teachers about where I stand with my classes, and just use my time very wisely. 


Q: What has being a captain taught you about yourself?
: It taught me that I'm really capable of leading, which I didn't think I was at first, partially because I wasn’t as confident. I think I really found my voice this year.
Olivia: It’s taught me how much impact I can have on people around me. 


Q: What are a few of your favorite memories over the past 4 years on VGS?
: All of our traditions, our team dinners, and all of the pre-game locker room moments. One of my favorites, though, is before really big games, we all sit in the locker room in the pitch black and listen to the speech, “Any Given Sunday”. And if that doesn’t fire you up, I don’t know what will. 
Olivia: I love everything we have done over the past four years during preseason, it’s always my favorite time. 

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