Jake and Sabrina Sokol

With two weimaraners of their own, Sabrina and Jake Sokol ‘27 wanted to find a way to help other dogs and cats who don't yet have a loving family. At just 13 years old, the twins are too young to volunteer at SAVE Animal Shelter, but they found another way to support the animals there.

In early December, they put out the call on instagram, asking their friends to donate items on the shelter’s wish list. Their mom posted on her instagram too, and before they knew it, donations started coming in.

“We were surprised by how many people contributed,” Jake said. They put a crate on their front porch, and neighbors filled it with items like treats, toys, and blankets. 

“We couldn’t really find a place to store the stuff,” Jake remembers.

“We put it all in our garage, and the dogs tried to steal the toys and treats,” Sabrina adds.

Before winter break, the Sokols went to drop off their donations to SAVE. They had so much to give that the employees had to find a wagon to help move all of the donations inside the building.

“They were so happy with all of it,” Sabrina said.

Looking ahead, the twins think this is something they’ll continue doing each year.

“It was fun to give back,” Sabrina said.

Middle School science and English teacher Nik Barletta says Sabrina and Jake work just as hard inside the classroom at Hun. “Sabrina consistently exhibits not just a solid work ethic, but an exuberant approach to her learning altogether. It is her commitment to her work at Hun, and her positivity, that brighten each classroom that she enters. And Jake brings boundless energy to the classroom. His participation and sense of humor liven up each class and all the while Jake endeavors to work to his potential and beyond,” Mr. Barletta said.

Middle School math teacher Megan Skelly agrees: “They both add brightness to their classes and really help cultivate joyful learning for everyone - teachers and peers. I love teaching them!”

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