Mei von Kaenel ’21

Digital forensics, cryptography, cybersecurity, machine learning. To name a few of the topics that Mei von Kaenel ’21 and Grace Zhao ’22 mastered in a two-day hackathon that qualified them to receive a scholarship from CyberStart America. 

Both Mei and Grace will receive a $2,500 college scholarship for their outstanding performance in the National Cyber Scholarship Competition. Aside from participating in STEM competitions outside of school, Grace and Mei are club leaders of the Girls Who Code club here at The Hun School, where they help other female students learn the ins and outs of Computer Science. 

Mei, who’s love for Computer Science began when she was a little girl, notes that she feels like all of her hard work has finally paid off. 

“Computer Science is such a broad field and I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn, but getting this scholarship means that people recognize my potential and that my hard work has paid off.” 

Similarly, Grace notes that being named a Cyber Scholar is one of her biggest accomplishments thus far: 
“It’s a great honor,” she said. “It made me more confident in my own ability and I’m already looking forward to next year’s competition and hope to encourage more people from our school to participate.” 

Grace, who has one more year at The Hun School, will be participating in a summer program at The Governor’s School of Engineering & Technology to continue her efforts in the STEM field, while Mei will spend the summer preparing for her freshman year at The University of Chicago, where she plans to study either computer science, economics, or art history. 

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